Osho Rajneesh Meets Sharlock Holmes, Iconic meeting of 21st century.

Disclaimer: This is just a fiction scene which I wrote for just entertainment purpose. There is no purpose of any kind to target or hurt any person, community or organisation._______ It’s a shiny morning of Saturday. Holmes is busy checking emails in his MacBook. Watson is standing beside window and observing natural scenery outside. “There…

Micheal Jackson, A personal Mentor.

Micheal Jackson is like my invisible healer friend of lifetime who gives sympathy, inspiration, condolence and advice in all different situation I faced. When I feel alone, He would confirm his presence around me with this words, “You are not alone, I am here with you. Though you far away, I am here to stay….

There is no Competition for Destiny.

Today, I had a privilege to attend the live TED talk which has been organised near my town.It was based on the theme, “Canvassing the Destiny”.All the speakers has shared their journey of how they shape their destiny by conquering all the obstacle they have faced on journey. I loved all the insights they have…

True sense of Self

Today, I withdraw myself from the stream of continuous activity. Nothing to read from books,Noting to browse from smartphone,Nothing to write on MacBook,No one else is around me,Nothing to worry about,Nothing to plan out,Nothing to Prove, Nothing to Do. In that nothingness, something beautiful emerged. There is a sense of contentment within me, I observed.There…

Mother Nature

To the Rose Plant,Which has been removed from our Garden. I feel sorry for you.We kill you based on the opinion of priest.World forgot your exquisite beauty and radiance,They forgot all the experience of ecstasy you gave them by your fragrance.All your contributions vanished in moments when priest remind them about the thrones around you….