Mother Nature

To the Rose Plant,
Which has been removed from our Garden.

I feel sorry for you.
We kill you based on the opinion of priest.
World forgot your exquisite beauty and radiance,
They forgot all the experience of ecstasy you gave them by your fragrance.
All your contributions vanished in moments when priest remind them about the thrones around you.

It shows which kind of society we have created. They forgot all your positive aspects when someone points out only one negative thread of you.

In fact it’s not negative, it’s just part of your existential design.

This is not just a case for a plants, it becomes the norm. Our perception about humans are bounded by it. We overlook the beauty and contributions just because of few tiny thrones they consist. In the age of free will, we all seek to have the right to choice. A choice for perfection, A choice for the best.
Because that’s what we are being sold to everyday with commercials and marketing propaganda. But there is no such thing as perfection, it is matter of understanding that there is diversified beauty with deep sense of purpose behind it. And nature haven’t implanted any framework as such for perfection.

No matter how neat and clean a garden we create, it always seems imperfect after a week.
But the forests are there from centuries and it has its own diversified beauty till date and it will remain as it is forever. Because there is harmony of what is, not a framework of how it should be.

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