True sense of Self

Today, I withdraw myself from the stream of continuous activity.

Nothing to read from books,
Noting to browse from smartphone,
Nothing to write on MacBook,
No one else is around me,
Nothing to worry about,
Nothing to plan out,
Nothing to Prove, Nothing to Do.

In that nothingness, something beautiful emerged.

There is a sense of contentment within me, I observed.
There is an awareness to accept reality as it is, I felt.
There is an ability to be joyful without any external reason, I discovered.
There is strength of unconditional love, I found.
There is subtle forces governing everything around me, I noticed.
There are many richness of life I already own inside, I traced.

Everything combined made me realise my true sense of “SELF”.

I am nothing which change with time.
I am something which can’t be destroy with time.
I am something which can observe, analyse and create that evolves with time.

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  1. Vijay Vankhede says:

    we find nothing in everything and everything in nothing, what a great mystery/reality.


  2. writerpratik says:

    Yes. Through exploration we can remain happy and content to live in mystery which manifest itself though different reality.


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