There is no Competition for Destiny.

Today, I had a privilege to attend the live TED talk which has been organised near my town.
It was based on the theme, “Canvassing the Destiny”.
All the speakers has shared their journey of how they shape their destiny by conquering all the obstacle they have faced on journey. I loved all the insights they have offer, but there is one real life story that resonate in my heart more than anything happen in that event.

It was shared by Sandeep Talwar, who is Chief Marketing Officer at Akshaypatra Foundation which is serving 1.7 million children every single day. Which in itself is an inspiring pursuit which happen with the combination of purpose, vision and technological solutions.

When Sandeep Talwar was a child, he use to go school by riding his bicycle which his father gifted him on his birthday. One fine day, he was driving it in the morning to attend an exam of Hindi held in his school. But on a way to school, someone with having bicycle with gears overtake him. Suddenly his ego got hurt and he started paddling hard to get ahead of that boy. Eventually he succeeded and feel like he is the champion on the road. But with all his amazement the boy overtake him once again. This time he push himself further to get back his pride of “Road Champion”. With his giant leaps over the bicycle paddles, he got his champion feeling back. 
And once again the boy overtook him and this game of shifting position of Number 1 and Number 2 went on for at least 35-40 minutes. 

Suddenly Sandeep’s competitor went inside a gate carved in a compound wall of prominent house. He realised that, On a heap of his competition, he arrived at somewhere else where he don’t mean to be. He has to reach his own school at time and attend his Hindi exams.

He went one hour late to his exams and during a result day, He got failed on that subject.

What a great story he shared with powerful anecdote,
“There is no competition for destiny”. Unconsciously we all are living our life with psychology of child Sandeep. Due to comparison and competition along with our lenses of perception, we are heading towards the destination where we don’t belong and the painful part is,
We realise it only after we reach there. When we came back to where we belong, we fail there because we have lost our precious time on meaningless pursuits on behalf of it. 

Be in your own lane with your own pace because there is no competition for Destiny.


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  1. Tanmay says:

    Great analogy by Sundeep on how people are driven by external expectations losing the sight of what’s truly important to them.


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