It’s easy to Find Faults, Difficult to solve it.

It was party at Anant home because its dream fulfilling day for him. He purchased his own house after saving for 15 years for it.

He invited all his colleagues, friends and relatives. Everyone was rejoicing the party. Apart from all, Priyank was looking nervous.

Anant ask him about his trouble by observing his mood.

Priyank offer him a list of things which can be better than what he actually have in his new home. He have found many faults based on his own parameters. 

Anant replied him nothing at that time. He just said, I will think over it how can I make it better.

But 3 years later,
Priyank purchase an apartment of his own. On the day of his party he was little worried about what his friends will comment because he has share his views on every of his friends party about what can be done better but his own apartment is not able to compare with their homes.

It tough to handle all the aspect when we purchase new homes, am I right ? Priyank asked Anant empathetically.

Anant didn’t want to add anything in the conversation but he come up with an idea. 

He said; I just want to tell you one quote from legendary artist Michelangelo. But you should think that in reverse to get my message. As you are software engineer, I am going to tell you encrypted message, you have to decrypt it. The decryption key is “Reverse”. Reverse the thought process behind it. 

“If you know how much work went into it, you would not call it genius”
Just think this message in reverse. 

Priyank went into silence to think over it because the reply he received is thought provoking.

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