Osho Rajneesh Meets Sharlock Holmes, Iconic meeting of 21st century.

Disclaimer: This is just a fiction scene which I wrote for just entertainment purpose. There is no purpose of any kind to target or hurt any person, community or organisation.

It’s a shiny morning of Saturday.

Holmes is busy checking emails in his MacBook. Watson is standing beside window and observing natural scenery outside.

“There is some subtle beauty in sunrise every morning which we can’t describe in words, isn’t it?”
Watson Proclaims.

Hmm, So you have read the article of Osho Rajnish 10 min before in news paper, am I right?
Holmes countered.

How can you say that? Watson asked in amusement.

Everything is clear and simple Watson, you are a doctor by profession and spending most of your time with logical person like me. There is no chance of expressing philosophical statements in the morning. It can only possible in the influence of any external factor.

As you are habitual to read news paper in the morning, you express it just after that. And in London news papers, there is only one article in a week which can leave this type of influence on you, The article of Osho Rajneesh under title of “Life is Beyond your assumptions”.

Yeah, you are right Holmes, as always. This man has something subtle yet gigantic about himself. I can’t understand how on earth someone can think, live and enjoy life like this with full of freedom, zeal of wisdom without loosing unique individuality. There is something different about this Indian Guru.

I am also mesmerised when I read his commentary on different aspects of life, Watson.

Oh my god, you also read him? I thought you may consider this things as unnecessary burden to your mind, Watson asked with shocking face.

You still not understand my way of approaching things Watson, I only consider things as a crap for my mind if it not seems challenging to my intelligence. But this man holds ability to challenge my perception about things all the time. He always refuse the status quo and conventional notion about all topic, ideologies and rebel against it.

But more importantly, he has his own intuitive vision to see things with different perspectives. I don’t read all article which publish on every Saturday. I have read it randomly sometimes, but what I know for sure is, he is the man who always made me think and recalibrate my own perception about life.

You should meet him in person Mr. Holmes; Watson insisted.

Not as a gesture of reverence like most people do. But for the honest conversation about questions you have about anything like mind and crime as well. Which are your most important domain of life. I am sure he can shed some light on those two variables which can help you enhance your skills and thinking to the next level.

I  agree with your point mate. Holmes replied by closing down his MacBook.
I like to have conversations with this man but we don’t have time to go to India, Watson. We already have 3 cases on hand to resolve. And you know my modus operandi, I don’t let anything happen when I am dissolved in my work.

But Holmes, its matter of two hours, he has arrived in London at 8pm last night. He is staying here for two days. He is going to stay in ‘The Lanesborough’ hotel, which is just 7 min drive from our place, Backer Street. My wife’s friend is his devotee, she can arrange our quick meeting with him.

Then what are you waiting for, Watson? Life is too short to think twice for rare opportunities like this to meet the mysterious genius. Arrange everything quickly during the time I take my bath. You know how much time you have, exact 30 min. (Holmes said with his Pointing Finger Gesture)

Holmes quickly jumped from the sofa and approached towards bathroom with wide foot falls, which seems he is running.

Don’t you think you consume more time for bath than it should be? Watson asked jokingly.

Bathroom is my thinking spot doctor, bath is matter of 5 min. Rest is thinking in solitude. Holmes replied in loud voice from bathroom.

Within that time duration Watson made all the require phone calls which is necessary to arrange meeting.

After exact 30 minutes, Bathroom door hit the wall loudly. Holmes was ready in his own unique style.

Decent Black suit of Armani on a beautifully line coated white shirt and black trouser. Covering his eyes with Persol Sunglasses. He always wear reflective goggles to prevent anyone getting hint where he is looking for his observation at public places. Holmes always wear wrist watch on right hand. He wear his favourite Gucci watch downside of wrist. He believes, it distracts him in work if the watch face remains upside. As Gucci staff is also fan of Sharlock Holmes, they have custom designed his watch. It looks like a normal wrist watch from the first glance but its personalised smart watch for him. There is not 3 line of indicators like normal wrist watch or numbers engraved in it. There are symbols instead and only one indicator. It has been personally designed according to Holmes way of working. It slightly vibrates at different time of the day to remind him the timing of his lunch, dinner and reading news paper. Everything about his schedule get synced from his iPhone’s calendar app. He won’t believe in watching time on watch. For him, time is the metaphor to switch over to different activities. Those are the symbols pops up at relevant time on his watch.

Watson, Are you ready? Holmes asked in excitement.

Of course, I have arranged everything about the meeting.

When should we leave Doctor?

Just waiting for your signal, Mr.Holmes.

Wait a minute, I forgot something very important I guess,
Yeah, I forgot the Prada.

He went back to his bedroom for the perfume. Holmes was very fond of Italian brands for everything about apparels. He believes there is nothing about art and design which is better than Italian cult.

You know your role Watson, Holmes asked by pointing finger towards him.

Of course Holmes, as they won’t allow to shoot video to us. I have to takes notes as per the framework you have taught, in Evernote app while keeping the Voice memo turned on in background to record everything word to word.

Excellent alternative Watson, let’s move. Holmes said in a quick tone, & started rushing towards the doors.

You better take rest Mr. Nelson, I will drive by myself today. Holmes said to his driver.

You better off take rest too, Mr. Nixon. Holmes request to his security manager.

But we can’t leave you alone anywhere as government has appointed us for that. You are national asset for our country, Nixon argued.

Oh, Don’t worry Mr. Nixon we are just going to ‘The Lanesborough’ hotel to meet one Indian spiritual guru. Its life affirming experience I would have. I would face no security caution there, Relax.

They leave Baker Street in S-Class Mercedes owned by Sharlock Holmes. It has been gifted as a reward to him when he solved one mysterious case of robbery in Germany three years ago.

Holmes has ritual when he is in car. He connects his iPhone to the desk to listen Podcasts and audiobooks. Only two genre of podcast he prefer to listen, Science and technology.

Science in particular, for broadening his understanding of advance techniques which can be helpful to him finding evidence and technology for understanding new ways of performing crime in modern world, especially cyber crime.

They have reached to their destination within 10 minutes.

Walking past the hotel doors.
Holmes said, Either he is sleeping or in solitude zone, Watson.

Where do you find his day schedule?

You always forgot to observe little things around you Watson. Didn’t you notice the frequency of footfall and empty space in parking area?

We are here to have a conversation with the Indian Spiritual Guru, Where should we proceed? Holmes asked to the lady on reception desk.

Can I see your appointment confirmation, Sir? Lady on counter asked.
(Meanwhile a man in some strange sense of freedom and joy whistles which irritates the receptionist girl)

Holmes shows the appointment confirmation email to the lady from his phone. The lady on the counter scanned the QR code from her phone and click the red button on his table to call the guide.

Guide quickly rush to the reception counter and they moved towards hall.

Doctor, have you notice something about that lady on reception?
Nothing much Mr. Holmes. I got DM on Twitter. As I open to see it, I got lost into trends for few seconds.

Watson, this smartphone is to serve us not to distort our attention span and capacity to observe.

That lady was from Russia. Holmes remarks.

But her accent was of American. Isn’t it?

Absolutely right Watson.

Then how can you say she is Russian?

Haven’t you notice how she reacts on whistling? Russians consider whistling as an activity of low-class or uneducated.

Then why she is in London ?

She is married to an English Guy. Haven’t you read the name plate on her desk? There was English surname.

After crossing the lobby pathway, they reached to the hall where people wearing same robes sitting in state of silence. Their identical dress of maroon colour. Both were been instructed to sit in two chairs which was arranged specially for them. There was a special wide chair arranged in front of them.

Holmes slightly murmurs by bending towards Watson,
Doctor, this is the first time in my life I am witnessing group of peaceful and blossomed people around me. This is simply amazing. They are centered and reposed in themselves. If I find some time from my professional endeavours, I would like to learn this art of becoming centered with myself.

Around 30 minutes of waiting, utmost curiosity and awe has came to an end.
A man in his iconic and unique robes with flowing sleeves at ankles and winter cap, slowly entered the room from right side door.

It seems the existence is singing its song in this man’s presence. As this man is serenely walking in towards his chair, there was utmost tranquility and joy flowing in the room.

As he reach to his chair, He simply obeisance all the people in the room, he smoothly moved his gesture of Namaste towards everyone in the room.

Holmes has never seen bright and dark eye like this ever before. There is very deep yet subtle mysteries in those eyes. Those eyes seems to have no restlessness for any type of searching or seeking, it reflects joy and serenity of its own in the present.

Good morning, Mr. Osho, Can we begin our conversation? I am desperate to listen you.

Good Morning … Mr. Holmes.
You can begin with your questions.

Thank you, Sir… First of all, there is something different about this gathering. I can feel something here along with the aroma of this room, what is it?

Its… presence of peace in this environment. Because my people… are of meditation and celebration. They are radiating peace and joy. Its call aura, but it’s not possible to understand this term… with rational mind. It is deeper dimension. In simple terms… you can say, Aura is perfume of your inner self.

I have heard that Indian gurus stay in monastery with simplicity. But you stay in luxurious 5 star hotel. It’s very contradictory to the entire tradition of sanyasi or Is there any specific reason behind it? Holmes Asked.

“I am rich man’s guru”. (A dense and cheerful laugh flows in the hall).

I simply think those tradition just rubbish. There is no question of contradiction, I am simply against them. My conception.. of a beautiful.., flowering being is not that of austerity, it is of luxury. He will enjoy all that is beautiful in the world. Great paintings…, great music…, poetry… My religion for the first time is life affirming.

I don’t believe in that strategy of living like poor man in my life to help poor. There are also other things as such in the world. If there are few blind people, Should I live with blindfold?

If there is poor people, we have to feed them, we have to cloth them, not to become poor ourselves.

If somebody is sick… that doesn’t mean a doctor should come and lie down on other bed. The doctor has to remain healthy… so that he can help those who are sick. If he becomes sick out of sympathy, then who is going to help?

Look around Mr. Holmes, Everyone is laughing because they can see the nonsense in it. (Slowly floating hands went back to his lap).

I can’t detect anything from your hand movement. Which is my core technique to find the crime tendency by observing human gestures minutely. Why there is no theory related to your postures emerging into my mind? Holmes asked.

Simply because there is no psychological imbalance behind it… its not outer form of any internal void or restlessness. This is simply… expression of existence which can’t be fit into intellect… I am operating from deeper dimensions of self… not from psychological or emotional turbulence within myself… Its like, if I don’t have to walk, why should i use my legs here while I am sitting?

You should try to observe children and apply your theories to understand their physical gestures… It would be very hard for you to make assumptions about them. Because what adults are indicting through signs… are nothing but whatever they have gathered and whatever which has been imposed over them by society. All which is imposed on any human being… leaves its footmarks either as psychological asymmetry or emotional conflicts… Children are having nothing like that in their memory. In fact… they are functioning from completely opposite, Its spontaneity… rather than memory like most adult minds do. To detect that pure expression requires supreme intelligence.

Oh, then what is your thoughts on intelligence? How can we improve it.

There are three different things which we have consider as one.
Instinct, Intelligence and Intuition.
These are three division of consciousness.

The lower & first one is the instinct… animal also have this quality. In fact, the very life of animal is depended on instinct. Their instinct inform them about hunger and they eat. Their instinct ask them to sleep and they sleep. It is very natural process in this existence.
Humans also function out of instinct on some basic level. So instinct in simple terms… is your body.

The second and middle one is intelligence, which is the prime reason of the journey of human from the caves to advanced cities. You can say it the reason we have science. Science has stopped at intellect. That’s why it can’t figure out anything about consciousness.

The third and highest one is intuition. Intellect without an awakened intuition is one of the dangerous things in the world. And we are living under the danger of intellect… because intellect has given science tremendous power. But power is in the hands of (elder) children … not in the hands of wise people. Only in hands of wisdom can intellect be used as beautiful servant.

The word ‘IN’ is used in all the three. Which means this are the qualities which are inborn. There is no way to grow them from any outside help.

Your friend Watson remains with you all the time in your career, can he think intelligently like you?

And perhaps… you are very intelligent not because you know more than others but you are also aware about what is not important at all… You have arranged what is important so well in your intellect. Which gives tremendous advantage to your intellect to work with immense efficiency.

But Mediation… has the highest possibility to expands the horizon of intelligence beyond what man has consider possible.

What according to you is core reason behind crime in the world? Holmes asked.

The answer of this question lies in your own life. Mr. Watson has written all the case you have solved and I have read all of them. I have found three major reason for any case that you have solved,

Wealth, Women and Power.

Everyone wants a quick way to gather the materialistic wealth,
In male dominance society… we want to have women to dominate them.
And everyone want to have control over other people.

This are all human tendencies… which reflects in different approach of crime.
In fact all this tendency is a outcome of just one feeling,
A feeling of lack.

Without women, a man feels lack of being loved.
Without luxurious car and fancy house people feel poor.
Without certain rank or position, they feel helpless and victim.

So the root of all is fear, fear of being rejected… fear of not being recognised by other… fear of not receiving any validations or appreciations.

This tendencies are nothing but a symptoms of age old disease mankind is suffering from,

“Ignorance towards his inner higher self”.

All the external teaching of morality can give first aid treatment to symptoms not to the disease… Man has developed tendency to control everything outside but have no control over himself… If somehow we can expand the individual consciousness as a whole… All the evil in the world will disappear… we would be able to entice all the deva to come here by creating more beautiful heaven on earth.

So, according to you, Man developed a tendency to control everything outside but have no control over himself. What do you mean by that? Holmes asked with doubting face.

Can I tell you a story? Osho asked. (Few people in audience laughed dimly)

It’s very old story, Perhaps 200 years ago… A young man got married. On second day of his marriage, he went for a long ride with his beautiful wife on his horse cart. After 1 mile of travel, the horse suddenly stopped.

The guy said with ferocity, “This is once”. Then he drive it forward.

After one mile, the horse stopped again.

Man said with intensity, “This is twice”. Then again he move forward.
Just after few steps ahead, Horse stopped again.

Man yell loudly with utmost intensity, “This is thrice”. He brought his gun outside of his pocket and shoot the horse immediately.

His wife has seen everything and scream on him, what the hell are you doing?

He slightly look towards her, and said in modest tone, “This is once”.

This man seems hypocrites to us. But most people are more or less like this. They are not conscious about what they are doing. Just their emotions and prejudices controlling their life.

What would you say about meditation to the person whose business is to find faults and live his life surrounded by crime? Holmes asked.

I would not give you ‘Shastras’… I am giving you ‘Sutra’. That sutra is “Awareness”…
Do whatever you are doing as usual just add one deeper dimension in your life. Meditation will help you for that.

I know you play violin when you get confused. I want you to add some dance with it. It will help your intelligence shine in higher notes. Let the void of confusion flowing out with music. Don’t let your life just dry with intellect pursuits. Let it blossom with colours of music and dance. It will enhance your life pursuits as well. I don’t want you at just one mountain’s top, I want to see you as a series of mountains.

But I can’t stop my thinking, or you can say, I can’t live in thoughtless state. Holmes insisted,

Its totally rubbish definition of mediation… which has been enforced by prophets of past. You just have to become aware about thoughts… Just look at it, don’t try to repel or confirm it. When the sun rays enters into the room. You won’t say the room becomes light. You say there is light in the room and there is darkness in the room but room remains room. It is just light which is absent and present.

You give analogy and examples through story and anecdotes, Which means you might be avid reader before you get enlightened. Is that so? And how can you have answer for all questions? Holmes inquired further.

Of course, I loved my books. There are plenty of them. I read all of what has been said by greatest thinkers and seers has to said in past. As long as my answers are concerned, I don’t give answers… I try to break the roots of all questions in peoples mind.

Holmes is speechless from this deep and subtle answers from Osho. He remain silent for a while and then said.

There are many insight you have offered in this little talk between us, is there any personal advice you want to offer me?

Who am I to give you an advice?

In fact,

In terms of intelligence, I have tremendous respect for you Mr. Holmes… Entire judiciary of London knocks your door while they are in trouble. Perhaps… International organisations depends on you to solve their most complex matters in this modern world. But if you are interested for higher possibility for your intelligence, you should increase your level of awareness through meditation, as I said earlier. The more aware the person is, the more intelligent he become.

Thank you for your admiration about my intelligence, but whom do you admire in other aspects of life apart from intelligence? Holmes asked with amusement pose.

This is very deep yet beautiful question. It will help you understand why I have broader perspective about anything.

In terms of Creative expression… I hugely revered Leonardo da Vinci, (Slight Pause and hands starts waving very slowly).

There is no match to him I have find till date. The entire cult of Multipotentialite has been started with him. He is painter, sculpture, engineer, Scientist and prolific thinker. But above all… what an exquisite creations he has made…
Mona Lisa… Salvatore Mundi… The last Supper.

His writings are also unique and full of wisdom. No one has ever explore material world’s secrets and connection between them more than him. He is such a genius guy. Totally unmatched personality he is. (Pause with deep silence)

And for Music and Dance, there is no elevated expression I have ever found compare to Micheal Jackson. (Deeper eyes Looking at Holmes)

There is exquisite symmetry of nature you can observe when he dance… its composition of Emotion, Insight, Wisdom, Love, Compassion all together in a motion which we witness as a dance… It’s more than a dance for me. It’s human expression at its peak. And what a great poet he is, just read his song’s lyrics. There is subtle poetic expression in it.
(Pause and serenity)

In business… I admire Steve Jobs. He is the person who combined spiritual values in his way of doing business. He is self realised person in some sense because he is well aware about what he is not suppose to do. I admire his philosophy of business which is based on values not profits. His products are such a piece of beauty and art which always inspires our heart.

Have you met any of them in person? Holmes Asked.

Not yet.

Do you have any plan to meet them when you are in their country?

My life is not based on plans… I just let life happen without any of my framework. Life in itself is mystery revealing process. I simply enjoy it with wonder and awe. But… if there comes any possibility in future to meet them… I won’t deny it. Just as we met today.

You are the most mysterious person I have ever met, Holmes said.

You are the most premium example for power of intelligence I can give to the world, Osho replies.

You have depth of everything I can ask for, you might live with tremendous confusion state having lot of questions at certain point in your life. Holmes asked with curious face.

Yes … You are right … That’s what I am trying to offer to the world. My work is to confuse the masses. I want to shake their mindset … which has layers of layers on them … about prejudices and dogmas. It is all that they have collected from other people, it is not grown within themselves …

It’s been great pleasure to listen to you live, Sir. Thanks for your time. This meeting would be memory of lifetime. Holmes said with utmost respect.

Osho just Posed Namaste.

When they were on the way back to their home, Holmes remain silent for a while in his iconic thinking pose.

After a while he broke his silence, I have to find history of this man, Watson. How can a man becomes like this? Mysterious yet genius. There should be something special about this country name India which we didn’t aware about.

Watson, Contact Taal Enterprise to book Private jet for our journey to India.

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