The Noblest Pleasure is the joy of Understanding. -Leonardo Da Vinci

A friend of mine asked me,
Can’t you give optimal solutions to all the major questions life has offer to any of us?
As you read and write a lot about different things.

How could I? I replied with a shock.
I read to know what others have already figured out, I write to express what I have realised and observed (The patterns, symmetry and iterations). But what I have realised and observe has so much distance between other’s outlook on it. Reading helps me to understand, how great people of the past has convey their message to others. That’s how the whole cycle works.

Yeah, I know but can’t you design any general framework for it? He further asked.

It’s not possible, because the trajectory of life is very broad. There can’t be any final conclusions or framework to be made. The moment I made final conclusion means I have destroy all the possibility which can happen further. I have dismantle entire life force which can drive the evolution of everything. I don’t want to be that element of blockage between overflowing life and better possibility of future. The moment I bind myself into final conclusion, life comes up with new questions.

Then how can I say something final about anything. All I have said, saying and will say is solely a momental truths. It has all the possibility of change as I am ever growing and ever observer of life. Life have no such things as final destination. All it have is Stages and there are different layers truth on different level. If we confuse it with each other, we would get baffled. We would drown ourselves inside the tunnels where we don’t belong. If we live inside that tunnel for long time, we would bound ourselves under a misconception of, “Life is Hard or life is suffering”. It’s just we have acted with the different layer of truth in our past.

The real mark of intelligence is, one’s ability to see all major possibilities and distinguish the best choice from all. If any of your subconscious tendencies are driving your decision making, you will make a wrong decisions even if you received it from the most authentic source of knowledge possible. If not the fault of source which serves the ideas, knowledge or wisdom, it is always a mis-perceiving on a receiver’s side which makes all the difference. 

Its seems very technical man, can you give me an example of it? Because you can also give better example for everything you have to say, He inquired further.

Of course, Its like you were somehow allowed to sit in the 12th standard for one day even if you are 5th standard student. And on exam day, you wrote answers of what you have heard in 8th class. What would be the consequences of it?
Of course you will fail. Because all you have done is, you just listen the 8th standard answers with your 5th standard understanding. You didn’t understand the 6 to 12th standard lessons, you just listen 12th class lesson directly.

That is the difference, to listen something and to understand it.

In this modern world, we are overly exposed to everything. It opens doors for all of us to listen anything we want to listen, but that doesn’t mean we are capable to understand everything. Understanding takes patience and perseverance.

The more our level of understanding evolve, the more we realise that there is no linear answer for anything. All we have to figure out is, where we are and what is helpful to us to rise from there. Rest of all is just overly exposed hypocrisy for us. It is good for goosebumps and entertainment, but if we act based on that linear perception, sooner or later disaster will handshake with us.

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