During this global pandemic, i have observed lot many things around the world.

It taught me many lessons about uncertainty and fragility of human life.

How shortsightedness and quick fix approach has been taken for granted all around the world till date.

How nature optimise itself through its own iterations which humans can’t predict or think about.

But apart from all, i have observe human reactions on broad scale. From people around me, people over social media and leaders around the world. There are many roles to play for different people at different level. But basically i can put all different people into three categories based on their reactions.

I phrase first catagory as, “Problem Debaters”.

These are the vast majority of people. Those who debate all day about same data we all know. And most importantly, All of them are talking about same things again and again which they have seen or read in media. When i see them, i am like; What’s the point? Neither you are on any position where you can make the change nor you are willing to play any role to help others in need. What’s the point of discussion which you are doing from years? All your debates till date has not uplifts you an inch above from your 10 years back version. It reminds me the quote of Oscar Wilde,

“Public have an insatiable curiosity to know everything, except to know what is worth knowing”.

I phrase second category as, “Solution Thinkers”.

These are the people whom we can consider as thought leaders. It can include scientists, engineers, research oriented people, intellectuals, readers, writers etc.

These are the people who ‘Anticipate’ instead of ‘React’. Of course all of them will anticipate about something in their own domain. But their collective efforts will always bring some solution. This are the people whom i consider the proactive people. But proportion of this kind of people is very low. The reason behind it is very simple. They are doing toughest job out there, “Thinking”.

As henry ford said it very well,

Thinking is the hardest thing there is, That’s why most people don’t do it.

Third one is, “Solution Executors”.

This includes people on position of power or people who are on certain height and altitudes of administration. Entrepreneurs, Organisational Leaders, Political leaders, Government officials, various authorities like police, doctors and many more. This are the people who can make things happen on large scale. Its because of simple reason, Power & Position. Despite being on certain position, solutions found by thought leaders won’t be applicable on scale. There is some authoritarian approval and validation require to scale up any solution found out by thought leaders. There is chance that some people fall into both category, a thought leader along with power position. Those are the kind of people which can lead the world in brighter light of newer and better possibility.

“The measure of a man is what he does with power.” -Plato

All the noise around the world is coming from those first category people. Neither they can have solutions nor they have positions. All they have is tendency to feel victimised and helpless. They can easily find people like them who have fashion of complaining about all trends time to time. The best strength i have found in them is their ability to justify and pamper their own as well as others victim mindset.

You can command an empire, but not as a foot soldiers.

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