Joy of Slowing Down …

In world full of technology, our life‘s consensus is revolving around one word,

Fast… Fast… Fast…

We want everything to be delivered to us as fast as possible.

But some events occurs in our life to let us experience the joy of slowing down.

It happens to me two days ago.

Accidentally my iPhone dropped from my hand and it’s motherboard got lost. So for temporary usage, I’ve turned on my older version of iPhone. It’s not much old in terms of software because it’s running iOS 12 right now. But it’s slow and laggy compare to latest version iPhones due to its older hardwares.

Despite all odds, it is nurturing certain positive attributes to me currently.


Because it is older version, its not that quickly serving device to me as i was habitual to. It takes handsome amount of time to open apps. In a way, it’s a training to my mind that not everything in life is mean to quickly served. You have to take back your passive aggression and have to cultivate realistic approach towards life. It’s reminder to myself that, Few years back you weren’t this much hyper about anything (subconsciously). You have cherished little & real moments of life when you were not using smartphones.


It’s because of older version, it’s not able to run heavy apps efficiently. I can say, it’s very romantically slow. My app tally drastically reduced to minimum in other words there is only few apps at my disposal which are extremely important.Rest of all has been decluttered automatically. It’s kind of digital minimalism for me.

3.Les impulsiveness

Lesser the information at my exposer, minimum chances are there to trigger or manipulate my behaviour. Even in my regular phone, I haven’t installed social media apps with my routine usage, but I do had a little compulsion everyday to check social media. So I was use to check social media using web apps. But this phone has terrible performance in web browser, so I don’t indulge into it anymore.

Due to all decluttering, I have no other choice than to keep it inside my pocket.

So by default I don’t try to wander around anywhere in internet world, which we all usually do with it.

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