Give me lever long enough and i will move the world …

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world”. – Archimedes.

In modern times we live in, this quote can have many iterations. Though the word leverage has its technical application in world of Finance. But my creative mind looking at it from the different angle. My insight over this word has lot to do in career and work.

I look at it like this,

Skills, Talents, Knowledge are Lever.

And Falcrum is the field in which we choose to use it.

But the problem in this era is not lack of abundance, but its lack of time. If we don’t have enough time from our daily work, we would not be able to spent time to learn how to leverage whatever skills, talents and knowledge we have.

For example,

If one cook has best skills and knowledge around his peer group but have to work 12 hours a day.

On other side, one cook as a beginner having less skills and knowledge is working for 4 hour a day in his normal job and spending 6 hours a day to learn how to enhance his skills anf leverage it through technology, the latter one will be more ahead in long run.

Through leverage, the latter one will find ways to make money by working less.

If he work as cook 4 hours a day at one restaurant and spent other 6 hours of a day to learn new dishes, new flavours, new methods of cooking and along with that he learn videography, How to shoot better videos, how to arrange lights, how to speak properly on camera. He would not only become better cook with time, he would have become teacher to millions of people.

First cook might have better salary due to his supreme skills and knowledge at first place, but he won’t have enough time to experiment and learn new skills like videography.

In this case the combination becomes like this,

Cooking Skills and Knowledge is Lever and the act of cooking food is in itself is Falcrum.

But the length of lever will be long when those skills and knowledge collabrate with technology. It unlocks the potential which wasn’t possible 20 years ago. He might have work for one hour to make one unique dish, but work he put in that one hour will be available 24x7x365 at disposal to the entire world. it will work for him even when he sleeps.

This is simple example of how technoogy can extend the length of our lever. but this insight is so subtle and robust that it is applicable anywhere no matter at which stage you are currently at.

Let’s understand it with another example,

If you are studying in college currently. You accept your reality that you are not good at acedemics but you have your wide eyes open to your own strengths, for example writing. In diffrent exams in your college life, your performance remain average all the time, but you start writing blogs or write at any other platform of your preference. Over period of your college years, your insights and ides has been read over 50+ countries around the world while your acedemics remains poor.

When you enter into real world after your college life, you discover that a mind which can think on wide range of topics is more valuable than all the ‘memory testing’ results put together. Because there will be hudreds of people with having same degree as yours but only few with broad sense of thought process as yours which you have cultivated by writing for 3-4 years.

In that case your thoughtfullness and expression is your lever and your job is your falcrum. But with technology you have made your lever so long enough (50+ Countries) that no one would even think about what your acedemic performance was.

Micheal Jackson’s lever was his creative expression, and his fulcrum was music. But more than that, the technology of recording voice and video was element which made his lever very long enough that he has actually moved the world of music.

If there was no innovations as such during his time, his music and dance might not have reached to millions of people.

Technology has made the process of creating new things and its distribution very handy for all of us. If 30 years ago i have to share this passage i am writing to you, i need to find publicartion house, need thier permission, they would print it and you need to purchase it to read it. So long and boring process, Right?

But today, all it takes is one click instead of all thsoe lenthy and time consuming complex process.

Because on internet, code and media are persmissionless leverage. You don’t need publication house’s or news agencie’s permission to share your messege with the world. All you need is certain foundational skills and ability to leverage (force multiplayer).

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