Innovation happens at the Intersections

We all have heard those phrases,

“Do what you love”

“Follow your passion”

“Listen to your heart”, Etc.

This are very fancy and lucrative phrases in the arena of motivation. However, if we put it on the perspective of reality, We are currently into certain field of work and our passion is something else. In a way it has become the greatest dilemma of this era. Whether we should jump into the unknown or just to stay with where we are today? In fact jumping into something we don’t know anything about from the point where we are well established is neither right choice nor wrong choice. Because both are extreme sense of decision making. Its game of ‘either or’ and we loose control over anything which is in that “Either-Or” confusion.

What can be the solution in that phase of dilemma?

There can’t be any general formula to that question because reality is non-linear and it will always be that way. But we can find the best possible solution with utmost patience and devotion in the process.

I call that best possible solution a, “Creative Alliance”.

Let’s say you feel deeply inclined with plants & flowers.

You love your hands to be involved in soil, you feel solace when you are surrounded with flowers and plants. You find abundance when you are around it, nurture it, care for it. Its just your way of life.

But you have studied Microbiology. So you are working in pathology laboratory and your hobby is to create craftwork with paper and other simple materials.

Your passion is in nature but working in laboratory surrounded by chemical tools to diagnose disease by analysis of bodily fluids like blood and urine. You might keep this work of yours going on because you are making decent living out of it, which is extremely important to have stability in life. but you also keep your interest alive at your home by making little garden of your own.

As time moves on, you may not make any money out of your personal garden. But your consciousness expands and nervous system become deeply inclined with it because of your patience and devotion towards process of plantation. You keep utmost patience and devotion towards it with consistency for years. Why you stick with the process without getting any rewards? ‘Because you love it’, that in itself is reward for you.

Along the journey of this deep inclination, you have highest chances to get some sparks of intuition about some ideas. This ideas won’t be your intellectual stimulation but just out of nowhere.

As a result of your curiosity and interest, You apply your own new tricks and techniques. You have better understanding of both, the chemical tools and subtle biological understanding of plant and its micro organic process. With your intuitive ideas combine with deeper understanding of subject and tools, you generate wide range of possibilities to create something new out of it.

For example, Medicine. You come up with unique formulations which can solve the problem which is affecting millions of life.

What a service you will do to the society and for the humanity as a whole in that case?

If you live your life in that lab without attempting your passion towards nature, There won’t be any chance for such unique discovery. If you don’t work in laboratory and just stick with conventional way of gardening, it won’t just affect your financial stability but also makes you stubborn inside one narrow playground.And due to your hobby of creating craftwork, you will also able to design the package of that medicine at your own. Because you are not in field of pharmacuitical you can shift the paradigm of package design. You might design a medicine package as a chocolate box. Not only it will differentiate your product from rest of market, it will also open new gates for designers. To expand your horizon towards greater and wider possibility, You need all of those options work together in form of “Creative Alliance”.

For the world it might seems like a work of genius, but its just expression of who you are at core and cultivating skills to combine multiple dimensions of your personality and its manifestation in external world as physical product.

This is just an example of combining various skills together and taking it to the level where no one else has ever think before. You can create your own iterations based on your own core identity, interest, hobby and profession altogether.

If you can’t think it for yourself, You should find person who has read hundreds of books over wide spectrum of subjects and genres. You will have to make lot of efforts to find that kind of people, But once you get them, Every efforts of finding them will pay its due.

At the intersection where your gifts, talents, and abilities meet a human need; therein you will discover your purpose.

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