Some of the Best things in life happens in Spontaneity…

14th December 2019, will always remain as one of the most memorable day of my life.
It was the first time in my life I have been appeared in front of large audience to speak upon the ideas and insights I have cultivated through reading and brainstorming since past few years.

As I entered into the event venue, I was completely surprised. Because all around me were financial services advisors from 51 cities across India. The ambience, The Vibrancy, the supremacy of this Prestigious Event was totally unparalleled. It was unique and prolific in its own way.
What made me most surprise was the fact that,
“I was the youngest person in entire gathering in that room”. That too, As a Speaker.

In those moments of ecstatic and lively environment, I had subtle realisation which my friends always use to say me.

“You went so far in very short time”.

As I was looking around in that room last Saturday, I feel that it is true.

If there is one thing which made me sit there in that gathering of stalwarts of indian financial services, it was READING. What it takes years to learn from personal experience. It took me just matter of months to learn most of it, just by sitting at one place, focus and read a lot about everything my hands came across.

As one of my Hero Charlie Munger Said.
Read as much as you can to become little wise everyday.
One day you will wake up in the morning, walk down the street,
And You suddenly feel, Oh My Heavenly Days… I know more about almost everything than anyone around me.

It was such a pride and privilege for me to be in that room full of resolute people.
In a way it’s all blessing to me, I feel so grateful for that.

If I can see far ahead and more clear than most other people, it’s just because I am Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.
It took years and decades or even lifetime to all those great minds in history to learn those ideas, insight and knowledge which they documented for my generation. They have went through lot of bleeding to learn those lessons, if you read their biographies you can realise that fact. I will always remain owe to them, because all the respect and honour I am receiving today is a result of painful and agonising life of great minds in history.

Thank you so much to Mr. Hitesh Mali for showing faith in me and landing me this opportunity. It will remain the memory of lifetime for me that you were the first who brought me on stage from the little corner of my wide reading sphere. Your young and dynamic team of is awe inspiring. They deserve huge round of applause for the way they flawlessly conduct the entire event.

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