Never Eat Alone

Yesterday, I received a precious gift which I always like to have in my life, Book.
Title of the book is, “Never Eat Alone”.
Though the book is New York Times best seller, i have learned more important lesson than its content.

I have one nephew of 13 year who is highly addicted to smartphones to play games in it.
There is no chance of him to pick up a book to read in his hands.

But yesterday when he came to my home, “Never Eat Alone” was there on my bed. Without any further due he grab the book and turn its pages to look at table of contents  (chapters). After he finish his quick skimming through the table of contents, he just look at me and said, this book seems interesting.

I was very shocked by this incident, because its rarest of its kind that young kid who is very addictive to games pick up a book and at least read its table of content. But as I ponder over it, it taught me important lesson about human behaviour.

Young kids of this generations most likely to attract towards partying and outing with their friends. If there is something which create and image of it in their mind, they will drawn towards it. That is what played the vital role beneath the surface.

On the cover of book, there was Big Coffee Cup along with Two Cup Cakes. And title of book is relevant to it, Never eat alone.
It ultimately create an image of partying in new generation’s mind. Its a hook which leads to action of looking at table of contents.
Name of chapters is also catchy like; The Genius of Audacity, Managing the gatekeeper-Artfully, Be a conference commando, The art of small talk, Become the King of Content, Engineering Serendipity etc.
Those tricky titles of chapters will make young mind curious to see what can it mean. And they might read at least 2-3 chapters. 

What it really teach me is this,
“Serve something in the taste & flavour of young generation otherwise it’s not going to work at all regardless of it importance”.

Young mind love partying and hangout with friends. This book has skilfully used that as an insight  to lead them towards right action to read it.

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