Ideas Don’t Make You Rich

Ideas don’t make you rich, The correct execution of ideas does.” Felix Dennis.

Till last few months, I was also trapped in the hype around the phrase, “Ideas can change the world”.
But in reality, it’s just half truth. ideas alone can’t change the world, it’s the execution which plays the vital role to change the world.
Between the Idea and Reality, lies the multidimensional process called Execution.

For Example,
How many of people in the world can make better, healthier and tastier hamburger than McDonald?
There are millions of people who can do it better than MacDonald.
But how many of them can make better business system which is behind the McDonald’s hamburger?
Of course no one can do that.

That’s the game changer Element.

The supply system for raw materials, the delivery system for raw materials, Bakeries which delivers that bake buns, Franchise model, Regional office works, Staff trainings and many more elements put together create giant business system. 

There are millions who can make better hamburger than them but McDonald has created a system which can serve millions of hamburger in a day.

Same pattern I have observed in documentary of Thomas Alva Edison. He invented a light bulb with his mightiest efforts, perseverance and patience. But that is not enough.
It was time when entire world was using gas lamps as a source of light during night time, there wasn’t any wiring system which could support his light bulb in millions of houses.
To replace that gas lamps by electric bulb, he has to design and build an entirely new industry.
So Edison didn’t think only in terms of product innovation, but he has to think in terms of entire system.
Ultimately he built that entire industry from scratch and we are enjoying the fruits of his invention in our home. Light Bulb didn’t remain as patent on paper but reality of our home because he has both, the product and ability to sell it in mass market.

The other example came into my mind related to this is, Apple Inc.
Apple is widely known to deliver Flawless Hardware-Software integration in their products. They have supremacy in their hardware. The way they made hardware is their ground breaking  monopoly. Apple is not just software company, they have developed deeply rooted and very complex supply system for its hardware component. They use different element of periodic table which they put together from around 40 countries. That entire supply system is so complex and robust which is almost impossible to replicate. That is why their products are always on top in terms of performance.

It’s not enough to have innovative ideas or creating innovative product, one must have the vision and ability to built system around it.

Just like Naval Ravikant says,
“Learn to build and Learn to Sell,
If you can do both, You are unstoppable”.

What prevents majority of people to build those system behind the scene?
“Lack of Patience”.
Building a system or ecosystem around one product is not matter of weeks and months. Its matter of years, sometimes decades.

“It takes 10 years to build great product, and it takes another 10 years for it to reach to mass market” 

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