Why you should have Kindle?

To be honest, Kindle is the highest value digital device i have ever purchased in my life till date. It reinforce the highest valued habit around the world regardless of which industry we work in, Reading. Reading in the sense of “Learning”. 

Here are my few thoughts on how kindle has became the integrated part of my life now.

Replacement for Screen Time at Night before i go to sleep.
As everyone else, i use to have deeply ingrained habit in my nervous system to wander in digital toys for 10-15 minutes before i go to bed. Its just the spiral effect i have trapped into because of surrounding myself with technological tools since many years. It’s hard for mind to completely remove the devices from our life. Ever since the day i got the kindle, i tricked my mind with different digital device. This new device gave no access to tons of other things to do with it.

No Distraction while reading.
It is purely desinged for only one objective, Reading. And this device lives upto that commitment. There is literally nothing i can do with it except reading. Though there is experimental browser available but it gives feeling of going back in time of 90s. So my instinct never let me there anyway.Since many years I was having notion that reading on screen is painful experience like I read on smartphone. But It was my bias to consider kindle as other screen device. Kindle allows me long time reading without eye stains. Long life battery adds up to this point. Though it’s not last weeks as amazon says, but it last for one week which is quite enough for me. Reading on kindle is almost near to real paper reading. Putting the paper book and kindle screen side by side, both are identically looks same.

Highlighting & Exporting to the Digital Brain.
We live in an age of information, Everything is just one click away. In that sense we all are on level playing fileld now. The only differentating factor we remain with is, Personalised Knowledge or I can say, Specific Knowledge. Specific knowledge means our unique perspective and interpretation of about anything. The unique connections across the broad spectrum of field.

After reading hundreds of books in past few years, i have come to an absolute realisation that, Everything is Contexual. One idea or insight is relevant in one specific condition and that same idea or insight is completely rubbish in slighly different condition. So it’s not about the Content anymore, the context is the real game.

Context is matter of Depth. Its not something we attain very quickly. It always takes time (seriously long time) , without exception. Let’s take an example of Knife. Everyone can buy a knife from the market. But only a Surgeon can leverage the power of knife to save life. None of us can do it despite of having knife in our home. It takes time to become Surgeon, but its very easy to buy knife from Market. Content is that knife and learning surgery is like developing contextual depth.

In my personal experience of years of reading (around 8 years), I came up to realisation that, building context is hugely depends on note taking. The more we take notes on something we read, the more depth we get. In fact, taking notes project reality of how we understand what we have read.

To take notes, highlighting the best ideas from the books we read is essential part. Organising that highlights is different ball game altogether. Will write special blog on How to organise Highlights. Due to technology, organising knowledge became more easier and convenient than ever before. Exporting notes and highlights from physical book was very time consuming process for me. Though I love the process of dissolving myself into writing nuggets of wisdom from any books. But the matter of fact is, We are having so much to learn and having very short time. In that case, If having digital tool which can dramatically shorten the time for that process, It worths every penny we spend on it. In my personal experience, Kindle frees up my time consuming process like a thunder. Few clicks here and there and boom, It’s done.

Portable library wherever i go.
I read at three different place. At home, at office and at my personal library. Yes, I have built personal library place just to read, write and think. Due to range of location and uncertainty of my mood at different place at different time, its very hard for me to keep pace and synchronicity just because of Accessibility. Due to kindle, I can have access to any book I read at any place in any mood and continue it at any other place having different mood. I can juggle with multiple books of multiple discipline any time at any place.

Changing the font size.
Playing with font size at different time of the day is one of the most pleasurable experience I have. It’s not rationally important but intuitively I like that experience. Having bigger fonts to read at night time is very eye relaxing experience I have.

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