Children have more access to creative intelligence than us.

This weekends,
I came down to learn one important lesson of my life.
I put it this way,
“Children have more access to creative intelligence than us”.
I didn’t use the word, “Mind”. Because we all have mind. But our mind has lot of clutters and fallacies. Which prevent us from having access to creative intelligence.
Here’s the story behind it.
Yesterday my cousin came to my home whose age is just 8 year. I was at office when he arrive at my home. When I came back from office I found him playing with my chess board.
I asked, Do you know how to play chess ?
Yes I do. He replied with excitement. And challenge me to play with him.
I got little surprise. And replied with affirmative gesture to accept his challenge.
But I was having bias in my mind that, he is just a child and I can defeat him easily within few moves.
Game begun,
I started playing as my normal strategy, Attach from the frontier with Knights and Queen.
Still he was just managing to play with his pawns. But soon I realised that he have set a defence so strong that I can’t play with any of my known strategies.
Somehow I manage to enter into his area and try to checkmate him. But soon comes a time when I loose majority of my pieces than him including Queen (My 90% Strength).
It was clearly my overconfidence and his powerful defence mechanism. I got frustrated and surprised at the same time. A little child take away my queen in the first phase of the game. It was difficult for me now to checkmate him with little pieces left in my side.
The only thing allow me to win at last was his ability to apply some hyper techniques I have learn from my expert friends. Otherwise my overconfidence would definitely make me loose that game with little child.
After the game, I have ponder over it when I went to bed at night. After reflecting on whole incident.
I realised that,
My game was completely derived from Mind which has Some sort of Ego defined by Age. But my brother has just innocence of playing game which allow him to access his natural forces to protect my attacks.

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  1. vsvankhede says:

    A big lesson from little champ.

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