Happy Birthday to HORSEPOWER Athlete, Cristiano Ronaldo.

A child who loose his father early in his life,
A Child who has lot to suffer throughout his childhood,
A child who have not enough resources in his early age,
But all adversities have lit flames inside him which have conquered the game like a “TITAN”.

The man behind the heightened fame is a result of a child with DETERMINATION + INTENSE PRACTICE + EXTREME HUNGER for winning.
This man for me is a living example of learning matching. Trying to improve his game every time he lands his mighty foots on the grounds. He has set up giant example of, “What a human potential can do”.
An Athlete with resilience. Trinity of SPEED, SKILL and SAGACITY has put him on a caliber of “Super Human”.

Year back, I have watched a documentary featuring life of this great man. I came to know about the man behind all flash lights.
It’s easy to sit and watch his game or play it on a digital devices but to play it in a real life is different arena to handle.
He isn’t born with special talent or golden spoon in his mouth. But everything that we all can ever dream to achieve has magnetised towards him.
He is on a zenith of achievements. But beneath of it, is disciplined and consistent hard-work. His game is an entertainment for us but for him its life. His last game is our topic of debate but for him its matter of improvement. And this attribute is inspiration for rest of us.

Whenever I watch him anywhere on screen, I can see a child with 3 D.
DETERMINATION + DESIRE to be No. 1 + DOMINANCE of his confidence.

Happy Birthday to the “HORSEPOWER ATHLETE”,
Crestiano Ronaldo.

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