Happy Birthday, Steve jobs.

A kid who was put up for adoption in childhood,
Later in his life, he created one of the largest corporation on the planet.
Not just the largest corporation, Most valuable and most loved brand all over the world till date.
How can a man who slept on the floor during his dropout years can create all this phenomenon ?
Well its combination of Purpose, Vision,Determination and Constant efforts.
Purpose to serve humanity by creating products which stands on the intersection of Art and Technology,
A Vision to change the world,
Determination to put the dent on universe,
Efforts to make all things happen.
Apple is just a company as other which have same access to talent, media and technology still it stands out in terms of impact and influence just because of core values imbibed by Steve jobs. He was not just a man who runs company, He was the force of nature behind this gigantic corporation.
The products who brought revolution has transformed life of billions. I don’t know about everyone, but for me. Its pure blessing. If I don’t have a iPhone or MacBook. How can I share what I write with so many country within few minutes. How can I reach to millions of people in a short time?
On a counter side, If people in the world won’t have technical gadget in their pocket. How can they read work of someone who live in remote area of other countries? Its vice-versa process. But all this possibilities is emerged in this world due to the vision of one man, Steve Jobs.


I thank you for all your efforts which allow me to live in this world where I can have access to magical devices through which I can share my creativity and ideas. Otherwise whatever I wrote may remain in a tiny little diaries I have on my shelf. Its vision of yours which gave access to me for sharing those ideas with one click. If someone ask me the definition of magic. I would say, All the phenomenon which make all major things one click away from us. Isn’t that a magic compare to history of human civilisation?
Above all, This are the words of wisdom that punch me on my face-off and wake me up from all the illusion I was carrying from years and change the entire DNA of my though process,
“It’s life change agents, It clears out the old to make the way for the new.
Right now, the new is you. But someday not too long from now,
You will gradually become the old and be cleared away”.
Happy Birthday to the Technological Artist, Steve Jobs.

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