One Life, Live it Right…

We all have one life,
Dear comrades,
………”ONE LIFE”…….
Live it first for yourself.

Go to that place
You always dream.
Meet that person
You always seek.

Take a stand for
Your Intuition.
Fight all fears
Society has imposed on you.
Fear of rejection,
Fear of being Mocked,
Fear of failure,
Fear of Judgements.
Everything flushes away,
When time move its needle.
But the pain you gain,
will make you insane.

Climb that mountain,
Which always excites you.
Dive in that river,
That always inspired you.
Take a shower in rain,
Go to that long drive with friends,
Sing that song loud out,
You always sing in bathroom.
Visit that city,
which always vibrates your creativity.
Purchase that costly book,
You always dream to read.
Attend that event,
which arouse joy within.
Start that business,
Implement that crazy idea,
Test it, Learn from it, Evolve through it.


Whatever that is for you,
Do it.
Not to prove someone,
but to show yourself,
You care for yourself, before someone else.

Its better to be temporarily Rebellious,
than living with lasting Regret. 

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