Love means Depth, Rest is Crap.

Something That connect us with only one person is attachment.

But something which connects us with entire creation and made us feel good about it, which gives us the vision to find harmony even in chaos,
is LOVE.

It can happen through person, situation, expression, work or thorough various different form.

Everything that keeps us away from the harmony which is inside everything in this creation or disconnect us from it, is nothing but delusional Conceptions.
Through that misconception we perceive everything with false perception and shallow view points.
Eventually we find ourself trapped into the zone which has “Continuity of Misery”. It becomes the sphere of illusion around all our perceptions and understanding which suppress our intellect and diminish our insight to flourish itself which can lead us towards light.

As we spent more time in this kind of sphere, we consider this tiny bubbles as reality of life. There are infinite stream of bubbles in this universe which are all having source from same creation. But with intellect which has sharpen for differentiating things through comparisons all the time, We can’t see anything as they are or as they mean to be.
At last we play the role of victim rest of our life for lack of love and harmony all around us. We complain and blame all the surface reasons (though it may have some truth) but take no time to have pause and let our real nature to observe and think about it in a raw and basic form.


The reality of narrowness is creation of our own actions. Though they are taken in a hypnotic mode of mind. But we can’t accept it without some level of awareness. Everything came down to one fundamental aspect which can solve all the problems we face, Depth.
Depth in the sense of wisdom.
And wisdom is not something we can borrow. We can borrow information. We can transfer knowledge. But we can’t pass on the wisdom.
Wisdom is something we can have through personal experience. Thorough that personal experience we can have wisdom to explore the unknown dimensions and mysterious variable that play role in our life.
Once we become aware with wisdom we seek, We know what is the true intensity of love.
Love will transform all your mean mind tendency to higher level understanding. And with higher level understanding one can’t have pain.
True wisdom of live will put us in an orbit which is beyond pain-pleasure cycle.

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