White Desert, The Ecstatic Paradise…

A Colour of Infinity
Source of All Colour.
Its not its Superiority
Its just ultimate Simplicity.

A desert with vast land
without sand.
Covered with Salt,
It is not its fault.
But Design of Nature
To define its unique stature.

Its an arena of peace,
Where nature whispers,
Through the wind.
To leave its sign
On your mind.


It fills our vision with its vastness
To maintain our internal fastness.
It inspire us to dream big
So our little human journey
Leaves some sweets.

If white land
Shake hands
With moon light,
It turn this paradise eternal bright.

If sky has its signature of blue,
This desert has autograph of White.
Master of this creation
Is greatest artist.

He just draw a blank canvas on giant landscape
But sprinkle fragrance of curiosity, imagination and wonder in it.

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