Vastness of nature always radiate eternal peace.

As a men we are capable of creating gigantic palaces and high rise buildings. It became possible due to gradual development of human intelligence. As a man, we have two hands and two legs which is normal extensions nature has given to all major animals. Thorough the course of time, Man has developed gigantic machinery which can become his hands and extensions. Through his wit and intelligence man has arrived on a pinnacle of time where he can construct almost anything he want by the machines he have created and intelligence he has sharpen.

We have reach to this point from the quest of building roof as our shelter. A shelter where we can have protection from animals and seasonal environment. But as a part of evolution we have improved everything we have developed in past. From stone to bricks and wood blocks. we have added three elements in our quest of basic requirement. Design, comfort and luxury. But we don’t know the labour that past generation has gone through. Its the sweat of them which left this planet with all this better resources and facilities we have today.

Even after having all the resources, comfort and luxuries, there is a missing thread which evokes emptiness within us. We have all the resources to protect ourselves from animals. We have all the technology to connect ourselves with another human being living thousands of miles away. We have all the comfort to move faster than ever from place to place. Then

What is the subtle thread which always irrupts emptiness within us ?

I have gone through this question many time. But last weekends I visited a place called Black Hills which is situated in Kutch, Gujarat. And with sudden blinks answer emerged to me.

We have forgotten the art of connecting ourselves with nature.


We are so busy in life’s mundane activities that we totally forgot the truth that we are part of this creation not different than it. Time has arrived for us to reflect and introspect on our priorities we have set to different aspect of life during our daily routine.
Our daily routine in concrete jungle fills our materialistic pursuit for sure. But Our healthy connection with nature fulfils our internal being which strives for different dimensions to unlock.

Vastness of Nature is reminder and reflection of ourselves that we are connected to this entire creation with subtle and intuitive forces. We can’t understand this forces through our intellect but our intuition will feel it when we are there alone covered by nature.

We all need to spend few hours in a week in nature without influence of any kind. To go deep into the unknown scale of life.

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