Uttrayan 2018

Not Just festival for us,
An event for expression of passion.
Its not just a day for flying kites
But its day when our enthusiasm rise.


We started off with the mighty,
Flew off well during peak morning hours.
Savours the ride of joy and thrill,
And drink Flavours of unshakable will.

Sun’s will won the heat
It has beat the wind’s feat.
Afternoon loosen our hopes,
We don’t know how to cope.
Evening tea brings some treat,
It brings our moods swing.

Beam of sounds,
Speakers were on their own ground.
We cherish the healing from wind,
Our kites were flowing towards its rites,
It was not just fight of kites,
It was bright light of our faith and delight.


Nature infuse its message with colours
It radiates its wisdom through love birds.
Lovely birds were sharing love with each other
Camara captured their beautiful symphony, but they don’t bother.
They just care about their eternity of ether.

Selphies were clicked all around,
Different pose, Various stature
Its been their own pleasure.
Its just pleasure to seek through social media.
Real joy of being, is lacking,
Due to the mediocre mind hacking.

Chilling all around
Feeling the king’s Crown
With every victory over competitive town.
It’s the festival in this fast moving life
Which abides friends and siblings,
Its a natural way of fulfilling
Not just heart but a soul who also want chilling.


Every rites between kites
Infuse the happiness in our conscience,
Though there is frustration on counter side
But its just part of life
There is always darkness down the line.


Just savour what life offers,
Or live the life as miserable joker.







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