Dilemma of Soldier

I am a Soldier,
Weapons are my extensions,
I can use it where I want,
But I have the civility,
I understand the condition of morality.
Battlefield is my domain,
Weapons are its element.
Civility and awareness differentiate us,
Our Pride vs Terrorist’s Ignorance.

I have the right to kill,
But nor for the sake of my desire.
I am obliged to security and pride of my Motherland.
Rigorous Noise on the field hurt my conscience too,
But millions of innocent life are under my responsibility.

I use weapon for dignity
not stupidity,
My war is against devil in Human
Not human itself.


I know bullets can’t conquer,
But I have to perform.
I don’t hate the enemy from my depth,
But I am compelled for it.
We soldiers are living on the edge of dilemma,
The dilemma which is outcome of human differentiation.

But how this differentiation has emerged ?
We all are curious to resolve.
Its just misconception of “Diversity” with “Differences”
Its the only conception that has defined all our prejudices
And prejudices have build invisible walls between humans.

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  1. Sifan says:

    It is utterly breathtaking.Visit my blog sometime


    1. writerpratik says:

      Thank you Sifan. Looking forward to your blogs.

      Liked by 1 person

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