Apps Utilisation in 2018

In resolution of New year, we all have to manage ourselves with Digital Devices we hold all the time.

What do I mean by that ? Here’s my thoughtful conclusion of it.

We all have access to internet with very cheap cost. we all have freedom to express what we want. Major apps and platforms are free to access and share. There are thousands of app on which we can learn almost any skill we want to acquire. But the time we have is not cheap and free. It is most important and limited commodity we have. We should be aware of everything that have access to our time and attention. Internet and apps can be available as it is in our life. But the time we are wasting everyday on unusual tasks in our smartphones are irrevocable entity. Vast amount of access of time and attention is social feed where people are representing their fake self and we are virtually cheering their life.

So I make a decision to reflect on myself and what I must have to fix in 2018. First of all I have resent my iPhone completely on 2nd day of new year. Then I start optimising my app tally I had before I reset my iPhone. Then I consider one question of introspection.

What I really want to become ?

What I always wanted was a life where I can read, write and explore new things. So I have to combine my purpose and my daily schedule through the most powerful tool man has ever created, Smartphone.

Here’s the snapshot of my introspection and its outcome.


As a writer I should learn new words everyday so I can convey my message and expression precisely. So first two apps are for learning new words. (to learn new English words) and Bhagwadgomandal (to learn new words of my mother tongue, Gujarati).

Second phase is for capturing the ideas I have for writing. I use Evernote and simplenote for that purpose. I use that because both of them are simple, intuitive and cross platform apps. I constantly note down my thoughts with both the apps. If I have ideas to write long note or poems, I go to Evernote. If I have snappiest idea to capture, I go to simplenote. I have classified both as short and long note taking apps.

Third phase is for sharing and expressing what I have done with note taking. I gather the ideas and expression I have captured in note taking apps. I edit the drafts I have written there and share it according to its theme. if its short, like a quotes; I share it with mirakee. it goes with Instagram, whatsapp Facebook later on. For long and thoughtful ideas, poems and prose I use lettrs and WordPress as a tool of expression.

Fourth and last category is defined just to learn the play of words. Wordhippo for synonyms and google translate is for translating hard words I find during book reading process.

Google map is just for navigation purpose. I am so miserable in remembering paths and routes. I need it every time I go to unknown places.

I am committed to go with the defined set of optimum living with this technology so it can add values and productivity in my life.  Technology is boon but only if we have control on ourselves and self-aware about it.

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