Books, My Solid Troops.

Though I am alone,
But I have won.

There was a time,
I join the sail of crowd,
It seems obvious
And only option.

Then I turn my sail into unknown,
I didn’t went to any special place,
I went to people,
Some of them are living,
Some of them are not,
But all of them are in my shelf,
Their thoughts
Their mindset
Their consciousness
All of these is available in text form to me.


Books have opened many doors
Which I don’t know they exist,
They didn’t just exist,
They always resists.
They resist my fullest expression,
They resist my perspectives to evolve,
They resists my uniqueness to flourish.

If I count my greatest assets in life
They are the first sublimes,
“My books”.
They always look up to me,
When I am tired,
Their poems gives me relaxation.
When I am confused,
They promise me wisdom,
When I am sad,
They share happy stories,
When I feel pessimistic
They reflects optimism.
When I am broke,
They infuse hope.
When I am frightened,
They sprinkles calmness.
When I am scared,
They roars saga of bravery.

Though this life of deepening thoughts and wisdom is lone journey,
I have won
The internal victory is mine
Even if the external defeat smiles.

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