Destiny Poem

Walking on the path of Destiny.
Against all of them.
Contrary to all their beliefs and mindsets.
Facing their critics and condemns.
Though I have fear of loosing everything,
Eternal sparkle always waves within.
Though I have no one to stand by,
The ultimate power taking care of my universe.
Even if I loose in this pursuit,
I can assure myself,
I didn’t waste this beauty of life
In a trivial pursuits of Numbers.
I can stand still in this pathway,
Wavering and falling many times.
The only light I have is
No matter what they think
I know who I am
And what I mean to be in this
Joyful walk on earth.
No matter if I didn’t gain attention of anyone,
On the day of facing god,
I will surely say him
By matching my eyes straight to him
I have done the masculine work,
And By being alone.

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