Agony of a Tree

I am a shelter for birds,
They came to me,
Sit on my arms,
After journey of Freedom,
Savour relaxation on my branches.

I gratify their sense of belongingness,
They are not mine, nor I am of theirs,
But we are of each others, in this vast playground of creation.
They don’t expect anything from me,
So I don’t expel from my tiny kingdom.


As soon as they relaxed,
They sing a song of their liberty,
I am not literate of music,
But I can feel their rhythm of expression,
They express their joyous hearts,
Which subtly affect the nearest flowers,
Man can’t see this connection of eternity,
Because they are busy with mind’s stupidity.

I don’t have any personal agenda of gaining,
I just shine while its raining,
I am not so smart to overpower man’s wit,
I am not powerful to revoke man’s axes,
I don’t seek revenge for our community destruction,

I am happy to fulfil my purpose on earth,
I am shelter of birds,
And express my love for humanity
I express it by exhaling their life source,
They need it every moment,
Yet they are destroying us every moment.

Though they are capable and intelligent of everything,
They won’t have the extension of creative forces on their shoulder.
They can have superiority of external world,
They can’t eliminate internal inferiority.

We are not superpower creature in this existence,
We won’t try to be either,
But we live with the proud feeling of
Connected with ultimate superpower.

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