How to be like your ideals ?

How to be like our ideals?

It’s just one question which consists more profound questions within it.

  • Like whom you want to be ?
  • Are you naturally aligned with their domain of personality ? Or just being impressed by their external charisma?

Once we figure out answers of two questions with substantial depth, We would have more clarity and vision to proceed further.

Here’s 2 Big ideas for it.

1. Reading

Either they are alive or dead. Read about them for 1 year every single day consistently. Consistency is what matter in this tactic.

In a year, You will unconsciously adopt and install at least 5-10% of their mindset by your conscious act of feeding the significant knowledge.

“We are a collective conclusion of what we listen, what we read, what we talk and what we think”.

Reading everything we can have about our ideal is like downloading their mindset, synchronising with their consciousness. The more we go deeper into it, the more exploration of life we would experience. We would evolve as person with maturity in thoughts and optimism in beliefs. Because all great leaders that have ever walk on this planet were all optimistic about human civilisation.

2. Environment

To maximise your speed of becoming something you desperately want, surround yourself with people who fuels your attributes and variables that actually put you on the right pedestal.

Let’s do some math for implementing it.

+1 : -2 = 0

One Optimist friend + two negative friends = Normal Zone of Life.

Convert it into this format as time moves on.

-1 : +2 = 10

One negative + two optimist friends = 10x progress.

Your debates will have some substance and depth if you have optimistic people around you with ratio. That conversation with depth give birth to ideas and insight that can expands new horizons of your own consciousness.

But above all, we must have to take care of one fundamental of Creation. Don’t loose yourself in the hype of someone else. Don’t try to be someone so rigidly that you loose your originality. Adopt great traits on your ideals but make sure it won’t take you away form you natural inclination.

If I have to conclude this whole idea in one sentence. It would be like this,

“Learn How to shine from your Ideals,
Then Be Your Own Light.”



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