2017 Reflection Questions

As we are standing on urge of 2018.
Its time for all of us to think and reflect on the year we have live recently, 2017.

After pondering on various aspects of life i have define 10 questions to reshape our personal life on higher levels and evolved perspectives. Here’s the simple question we all should go through before entering 2018.

1) Which person help you most for your personal growth this year?

2) If you have power to rewind this year,Which mistake you would like to correct?

3) Which video you watch on social media, YouTube or anywhere in 2017 that has leave major impact on you?

4) What would you miss most about 2017?

5) Who is that one person in your social media that Share most valuable and meaningful messages?

6) What 2017 has added to your personality?

7) In 2017, What you accomplished?
(It can be anything, Professional,Relationship,Adventure,New Experience or whatever you prefer)

8) What did you CREATE in 2017 that make you proud of yourself?

9) If you have to describe your “life of 2017” in one word, What would it be?

10) What is your key goal for 2018?

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