The Walk, Movie Review

It’s Impossible, He whispers.
But I will do it. He Believed.

Its a story of a man whose act of courage seems madness from our narrow perspectives.
But for him, it was his life.
To walk on the wire let him feel he is ALIVE.
To be on a wire is life, rest is just preparation.

Movie Poster

The journey of Most Artistic Coup of 20th Century was started when he was 8 year old child and watched someone walk on wire for the first time ever in his life. He started learning that craft from the scratch with 5 wire lane. After years of deliberate practice. He made it to walk on a single wire cable. Though the caliber of tying wire in terms of height was inferior at initial years but it raises its sail with time. During his early twenties, he came across a magazine which shows most tallest building ever made by man at that time, The World Trade centre. As soon as he seen its pictures, His fate was sealed. He determined to tie his wire between those twin towers and walk on it. Sounds impossible and ridiculous, In fact it was so. But nothing is far more ahead than willpower of man.

With intense practice, team work, determination, friendship and some sort of madness. The work of genius reveal in the morning of August 7 1974 on a street of New York. After many difficulties and complication to their mission Man attained the Impossible,
He walk on the Wire between tallest buildings without any safety measures. Not for once but until his soul satisfy.

Must watch the story of, “How most beautiful yet dangerous act of art in 20th century”

Lessons from Movie Dialogue:

“Walking on wire for others is Death.
But for me, its an opposite, Life.
I feel alive when I am on Wire”.

We need to choose our work through which we can have that sense of feeling for being alive from within. Rest of all is just an illusion through which we are seeking our purpose and satisfaction in life. Nothing great happen outside without having that intense thread of being alive from within.

“Most wire walker Die when they were arrived. You were 3 steps ahead of the finish line”. (If you take those last few steps arrogantly as you believe you are invincible, you are going to die)

Oftentimes we look so confident and sure of attaining the perfection in whatever we do. But we must make sure that those last few strokes in our craft is something that make us apart from the crowd. That patience and awareness is what differentiate the ordinary from extraordinary. We have to go to that extra mile to reach inside a zone of excellence.

“You can not Lie on Stage. Your audience will know what is in you heart”.
As a creator or a performer. One can not lie. His error and mistakes will be subtly visible in his way of being, in his expression, in his behaviour, in his body language.

“All artist are anarchist at some degree”.
To be an artist means to attempt something which is outside of status quo. If one is doing which everyone around him is upto, he is not an artist but copy-paste fellow. An artist is someone who always manifest new way of expression which is never been visible enough before. That’s why majority of socially conditioned mind call them anarchist who challenge what is already existing.

Some intangible values this movie is teaching rest of us.

  • Love (Relationship)
    Feminine with artistic touch of Music. And Masculine madness for walking on Wire.
    Combination of both emerged with the thread of unconditional love and trust. She was the one who believe in his mad dreams in all adverse situation regardless of mighty problems arise in executions.
    She was accompanying him selflessly without any thought of her own benefits or personal gain. I think that was the essence of being in relationship or to be called as lover of someone. It selflessly become a pillar of someone else’s dream when you don’t exactly know yours.


  • Friendship
    This phase of Philip’s life was such a miraculous. He was just in his zone of artistic madness but nature brought require companion to him time to time. And all of them help him to pursue his dream without any personal propaganda. There was cameramen, a mathematician, a communication technician and apart from all, one life insurance officer whose office is situated inside the twin tower at 82nd floor.


  • Team Work
    Each pillar in his team has their own strength and shortcomings. But the collaborative efforts of all combines created a symphony which resonate as a greatest artistic coup of century. Inner strength of all great work is not single man show. On a broader perspective, its always been a combination of many people’s sacrifices.


  • Passion Over Profit
    He was 24 year of age when he walk on the wire between those twin towers. He gave everything he have in his life to his dream of being the best wire walker in the world. 95% people of us around his age are after numbers in many manners. We all want to set up life and then pursue the dream which reverberate within us from our childhood. But we are conditioned to choose profit over passion. Passion is so underrated phenomena on a social scale. And majority around us are doing the same things everyday, we unconsciously adopt is as a truth of life. And we spent rest of our life to live a life which is based on a statement, “Profit over Passion”.



  • The X-Factor
    At many situation during his artistic coup there comes a time when he was being saved by some unknown forces. With our logical mind we can’t understand how it happen. But as Paulo Coelho “When you want something, all the universe conspires for helping you to have it”. When someone is determine to go after his dream with “Come what may” attitude, universal forces will slightly bend down towards him to help his pursuit.

Above all,

  • Willpower of Man.
    The dream was started when he was 8 year old and watch someone walk on wire for the first time ever.
    His fate was sealed when he strokes a tiny pencil line between the towers printed on magazine page.
    Against all odds and uncertainty, he has accomplish his dream of walking on a highest wire cable tied in the world.
    Willpower and passion of one man brought the concrete buildings to life, Given them a soul.

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