The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Today afternoon we have planned to watched movie as a get-together of friends. But which movie should we watched ? Question arises. finally we decided to watch “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas”. 


It was a story about the innate bond of friendship, Inside the extreme chaos of Holocaust.

This movie is reflection of our mindsets about differentiation. How we have characterised our diversity with false conception. Its not the problem we are having some false conceptions, but the problem takes leap to giant scale when one learn the art of convincing his false conception to masses.
“Divide and Rule” is their ultimate concept that can amplify their destructive mission on a large extent. The more we live inside their influence, we shape our mindsets around that false concepts we have conceived. As time moves on, we learn to protect our trivial ideas with stiff ethos.
Back to the movie,
This movie is about World war 2 when insanity of hitler have crushed 6 million lives. His ability to brainwash majority with his personal views for certain community allow him to perform the most devastating event in history of humanity. The echos of fear, pain and anger from those innocent children will always remain in those walls of concentration camps. The smoke of every person has been burned out will always plunk in our eyes to keep our thread of humanity survive in upcoming decades.
But the movie has represent the message of human values so elegantly that each human being can resonated with. The son of German army officer unknowingly became the friend of boy inside a concentration camp. A camp was situated behind his home. He somehow manages to meet his friend regularly even after being surrounded by security guards. The friendship of two unknown children has been emerged so innately that none of them define themselves from community or positions of their family. Movie has visualised this symbolic gesture, Heighten Fences of irons can’t resist human friendship to occur.
When the movie end, it leaves me with one question,
Are we a civilised and matured as we grew up in life, or the children are more conscious and matured than us ?
Who have more humanity?

Because adults have differentiated world with so many tags of religion, caste, creed, nationality and many more. But I never seen any children play with their friends having any of this filter in their mind.

Cruelty and Devastation in the film was from “so called matured people” in civilisation. On a contrary, children have proved this Core Reality of human life,
“You can kill humans, you can’t kill Humanity”.

I recommended this movie to everyone, Not because of the awards or any worthy title it gained. But to rejuvenate the humanness within ourselves. It will scatter many unnecessary beliefs of us and make us aware about the consequences of differentiation if it turn its sail on broad scale.

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