Devil is Within Us.

One day, Devil was traveling in a train. He was looking so nervous. It’s strange because he is obliged to ruin human happiness and make joy out of it.
A mimic artist was sitting in his front seat.
He can’t believe this facial expression. He think for a while and then he asked.
Why the serial killer of happiness seems so anxious today? It’s been first time I have this glance.
Are you paying the due of your evil karma or you are being fired from your employment? ; he try to mimic devil.
Devil replied with cold but firm tone,
I am nurvous because my work has been overtaken from me by so called LEADERS with certain title in mankind. They are doing the job of ruining joy better than me. But that’s not my reason of unhappiness.
But it feels absurd when I found that they aren’t considered as devil at all, instead they are being worshipped.
Even if they have same functionality as mine.
Make the man “Fearful and Insecure” with different reasons time to time.
What are they? To whom you are pointing your Blame Fingers ? The Boy Asked.
I don’t want to cook whole food for you. I want you to think independently so you can be aware about them. The lack of thinking independently allow those Fake Leaders take away my obligation. ; Devil Relied.

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