21st Century Emperors

During ancient time of civilisation, There were only few people who are having access to the resources of entertainment and pleasures.
We know those few people as Emperors or kings of certain continents. They are having power and wealth to enjoy the life through entertainment they seek. Music, art, dance, paintings etc. Common people like us were having very limited access to this facilities to enjoy this dimensions of life. Common people were having no more desire than make a  living for his family.
But as we evolve as human being, there comes certain people who challenge the status quo and bring some change. Few are the people who change the way we live and enjoy this existence on earth. We call them creators. Such as scientist, technocrats and influencer.
Science has made us healthy more than ever. Science have created so many medicines which can prevent us from suffering and serious illness. Today we live in the world were we have completely eradicated some deceases and illness which are impossible for all those great emperors to eradicate with their power and wealth. We all need to feel grateful for this life we are living with advancements in human health.
Moreover, Technology has changed our lifestyle in a way that emperors haven’t even dream of having. We can enjoy the dance of another country’s star with snap of our finger. None of the emperors were having this kind of facility in their entire lifetime. We can drink coffee, have some cold music going on the phone, have air conditioned room and more than that we can ask personal assistant (Siri) for whatever word we don’t know about, it can translate it into different language instantly. We can do it without anyone’s help or moving inch away from our place. No emperors in history would ever have this level of comfort and ease.
We can talk with anyone around the world face to face without any cost. If any of those emperors came to hear this fact, their mind might blown away. Because they can’t do it even if they have sold their entire empire for it. We can share information instantly to any corner on this earth and they were busy in protecting and satiating their fragile ego.
Be Grateful for living in this era. Because in this new world every common man can live life the way which greatest emperor of the world have never dream of.
“In the matter of all external chaos,
Remind yourself of this emperor level facilities”
Either we believe it or not but we all are 21st Century Emperors compare to past human civilisation.

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