Its not about female Clothing , Its about Male Reaction.

Often time we are being stuck at all the evil acts of human which ultimately create chaos in our social and cultural life. One of the most eye catching and Brian snatching issue is “Rape”. Everywhere in media we became habitual to read about Rape cases. But what are the causes and effects behind it? Only few among us think on it. Without pondering on deeper level, We all have defined some narrow minded solutions which sometimes makes me laugh. We are cursing women for naturally revealing their beauty through the clothing they like to wear.


Beauty has its natural tendency of Expression. As human we can’t resist it permanently. If women do it through their clothing, Its not matter of debate for us. It is just a cause as usual. It is just single effect (rape) that is cursing usual and natural tendency of women. In this effect there can be three kind of reaction under which we choose what to do with it.

  • Divine Reaction:

Every creative person is well aware about it. An artist will take inspiration from the Beauty and create an art from it. A poet will craft few poems on beauty. A writer will write an article on beauty, A musician will create a tune with its inspiration, A painter will enhance his perception of beauty by observing the beauty. A photographer will learn new techniques of posing. A camera person will enhances his craft of capturing beauty through different positioning.

All this reactions are Divine reactions. Because it “CREATE” something without disturbing or giving trouble to anyone else.

  • Human Reaction:

As a man, you may feel the urge of having conversation with her. You may feel good about her or sense of acceptance by looking at her. You may have eagerness to touch her or propose her. You want her to take dinner or go for date.

All this reactions are human reactions. This are natural reactions as man. Nothing wrong to having it. All man having it but only few express it clearly. Majority of them are just suppressing it under society defined platitudes.

  • Animal Reaction:

To look at beauty and having strongest desire of “Ownership” over it. Want it to behave and act as our slave, trying to use it as a premises of our proprietary.

This is Animal Reaction. Every wild animal are having this same set of reactions.

There is nothing wrong in “Beauty” nor in its way of “Representation”. But there is a lack of right perception which ultimately Hack our reaction. Cursing the women or newly designing cloths is totally awful ideologies.

If there is dirt in a water. We don’t stop drinking water. We just design a process of purifying it.

Same way, Our actions and focus should be on designing the process to purify men’s perceptions. Society won’t try to do it because its so hard. they are cursing on a wrong side because its too easy to run away from their real hard work.

Formal and simple definition that purify male perception is by Quote by Osho Rajnish on Love.

“If you love a flower, don’t pick it up.
Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love.
So if you love a flower, let it be.
Love is not about possession.
Love is about appreciation.”

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