Upgrading Albert Einstein Quote.

Albert Einstein Once Said,

The only thing that you absolutely have to know is, Location of Library.


During the time of Albert Einstein, The only resource which can enhance and improve knowledge was “Books”.  This quote was completely relevant at that time. But as world have changed a lot since then. We have too many other options to rely upon for learning new things. So this quote is not absolutely relevant today as per his words. But it is timeless quote in terms of its context.

The context of that quote was this,

Never Stop Learning.

In this broadly informative world we are living right now, there are numerous resources available to upgrade our knowledge and sharpen our learning curve. Due to the blessing of technology we are living in the world where we are having access to the largest knowledge bank just few clicks away through the magical devices in our pocket. No geographical restriction, No country restriction, No age restriction, Nothing. It just required curiosity and willingness to dive into the ocean of knowledge.


As I have said, Words of this quote is outdated because there are too many sources we have in terms of websites and apps which are easily accessible than library. But the core message of the quote is timeless. Because there is No End to learning. As soon as we stop learning. We stop growing. And ultimately we are diminishing our probabilities of Winning.

With Due Respect to Albert Einstein, I like to edit this quote as time has changed the world and our methods of learning too.

“The Only thing that you absolutely have to know is, Names of Good websites and apps along with location of library”


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