Legend Never Dies.

What a great Sunday Yesterday !!

It made me realise this fact.

“Legends never Die, Because They did something in life which can’t be measure in Numbers.”

It was begin with morning. I went to our meditation meet up as a weekly pledge. After meditation, Our instructor talk about mentor of Mahatma Gandhi. And ashram of mahatma Gandhi’s mentor is near my hometown but I wasn’t being aware about it. I know its completely naive. But to be frank, I didn’t know.

As soon as I came to know about it. I didn’t waste time. I planned a trip along with 2 friends to visit the place today. We went there and it was deep experience. There was nothing special there in terms of physical aspects of life. But one this we felt there which was priceless. Nothing can replace it.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 10.43.40 AM
It was “Aura of Peace”.

Complete serenity with natural surrounding, Mantra chanting, People there was without technological instrument, Maintaining silence. It was such a experience of depth.

I came to realise that, The person whose mentor can leave this kind of legacy of peace, Can really became an ambassador of Peace.
Gandhi himself didn’t won Nobel Peace Prize. But all the noble peace prize winner mention Gandhi in their speech after winning the Award. There can be no higher award than this.gandhi
“You are not winner, But all winner will remind you in their Victory”

As I came outside of that ashram, I was just drinking water and what I show ?
A small shopkeeper has a wallpaper of Micheal Jackson Dancing. He was completely illiterate person. He was selling vegetables in a cart to make a living for his family. He didn’t know anything about English, Even he didn’t know anything about America, from where Michael Jackson Belong. But there is something about Michael beyond all this identical variables that touched heart of this person.
And he remember the dancing legend every single day through his wallpaper.


Both this experience within half and hour taught me important lesson of life.

I am really grateful for this day.

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