Knowledge brings ignorance (too)

As our Island of knowledge grows, so does the shores of our ignorance.
-John Wheeler

My Refined Version: “As our domain specific knowledge grows. So does the ignorance of other domain’s shores”.

As island grows, Line of its boundaries expands. Larger the boundaries are, It is exposed to more new surface area.

Same way, As our little island of knowledge expands, its boundaries are going to touch new surface areas of Ignorance.

How to deal with this underlying complexity?

“Create a Bridge”.

Creating bridge between multiple discipline is long process. It requires calm and patient mind to observe and connect things organically. This is time consuming process. It’s not a matter of days or month. It mostly take years to have broader understanding of correlation and causation between different subject which belongs to different field.

Most people are capable of doing it but the hindrance they face is only one,

First they take sides with pre assumptions and then interprets things in a way that fit in their pre defined mental moulds.

“Learn how to see. Realise that everything connects to everything else.” -Leonardo Da Vinci

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