Life Style vs Quality of Life

Quality of LifeLifestyle 
It basically means, Having ‘Control over our Time’ & ‘Having Freedom over our Choices’.

(Also, Our ability to maximise those two aspects of life)
It basically means, Capacity to acquire possessions to keep pace with ‘Market Forces’ & ‘Social Status’.

(Also, Our ability to maximise those two aspects of life)
It’s basically result of, Questioning ‘Cost of our Decisions and Choices’.

(Nothing in life is free, there will always be a cost.)
It’s basically result of, Mindless consumption due to Overwhelming impressions of Media and Society.
Those questions mostly born out of Contentment, Fulfilment and Wisdom.That mindlessness is mostly born out of vulnerabilities, insecurities & inferiorities.
It Includes, Need based purchases of “Higher Quality”It includes, Insecurity based purchases of “Higher Price”
It Depends on Money + Wisdom.It Depends on Money.
It is Cultivation of Intangible aspects of life.It is Acquisition of tangible objects in life.

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