An Important question to ask ourselves.

Few weeks back, One of my friend asked me, “What is the most important asset you have in your life”?

“Calm Mind” I replied.

Because i am very clear about my life and what is most important to me.

On an individual level there is four pillar of requirement i have for myself.

1. Happiness

A cluttered Mind with countless web of threads is enemy of Happiness. It consumes almost all our mental energy to focus on things which are important to us.

2. Health

Modern Science is recognising that majority of disease are psychosomatic. Which means, chances of our body get affected by disease is higher if our mind is restless and overly occupied. If mind is free, calm and in less external influence, our body get signals that you are safe. That boost our natural immune system to cope up with anything our body is tying to resolve.

3. Decision Making

This point is critical,

The moden world we are living in is full of options and distraction all around. To pick the right thing to work upon is very hard thing. The most probable thing to happen with all of us is falling in trap called, “Paradox of Choices”.

To prevent ourselves from any trap, we must have clear sense of understanding about things we want to do and most importantly, Extreme self awareness. Without calm mind its impossible to develop those traits.

4. Broad Thinking

This one is related to third one,

Both of this requires long term efforts with calm sense of mind.

World is far more complex than we could ever comprehend. There are many dynamics and subtleties. Of course we can’t comprehend or analyse all aspects just through pure intellectual stimulation, but we would be far better off if we consider broader approach for our thinking process. 

“Learn how to see. Realise that everything connects to everything else.”

 -Leonardo Da Vinci

All those four elements are subset of one entity, Calm Mind. So that’s my greatest asset in life.

Make sure you have your own answer for this question.

“What is the most important asset in life?”

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