Two Types of Beauty

Mark of Wisdom is,

Being able to detect an order & meaningful pattern in midst of chaos.

Each one of us can see Large rock in its raw form but Michelangelo can see beautiful sculpture in it. His poetic eyes can surpass all what is unnecessary and imagine what is beautiful in it. Afterwards, his masterful  hands can remove all those unnecessary pieces and materialise that orderly beauty his imaginative eyes has captured. That is what art is all about.

In this context, there are two types of beauty i observed.

Apparent Beauty & Realised Beauty.

For the latter one, it requires sensitiveness of an artist. The definition of realised beauty can’t be conceptualised because It’s very very subtle and unique to each individual. It’s highly subjective.

Apparent beauty on other side, can be defined and measure through Frameworks. It has its limitations in terms of deep human experience. What Leonardo da Vinci has captured is realised beauty of Monalisa. Which made it one of the most iconic and mysterious painting till today.

Apparent beauty can be conveyed though memory. If you don’t know its rules and framework or any other conceived notion regarding to it, you can’t understand how beautiful it is.

Realised beauty can convey the subtle sensitivity of all which is beautiful in our internal zone of human experience and that might be the highest reward we can give. It is aesthetic and ecstasy rewards we can have.

It’s not just idea or a concepts. There are multiple examples for it. Best example i have came across is Man’s search for Meaning. Despite being in one of the worst situation of human kind has ever faced, Viktor Frankl has designed his psychological theory (Logotherapy) during time period he spent in concentration camp. Second best example is movie named Life is Beautiful. It’s a real life story of a father who never let his son realised that they are in concentration camp though his humour and marvellous storytelling skills. All the subjective interpretation in both of that situation is something worth having.

It is fact that we are biologically not programmed for it. But as all other skills, all it requires is little elevation in understanding and regular practice of it.

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