Live Life Worth Living

Three children are playing on the seashore.
One is playing with the waves of the sea without any rule or framework or any type of comparison mindset.
Another is busy watching others. What they are doing, how they are doing it. And try to imitate it without thinking why they are doing it and why he should follow it.

The first one is teacher of surfing on waves. For him serving on waves is not profession but its life for him. He find himself excelled and elevated on fierce waves. Everything outside of sea is mundane for him, its just monotony. He find himself lost everywhere in the world except surfing.
He live his life the way it meant to be and meanwhile earn some money by teaching his craft to others. It don’t make him millionaire but there is life reverberates its glory through it.

Another is busy watching this elite surfer and many more people out there. He spend his time on beach to discuss about everyone else. What they are doing and what is good thing to do according to him. He has nothing to do but revealing opinions and judgements for the people around him. He has nothing to cherish in the breezing wind and floating ocean. He don’t like swimming nor he like to relax and take a sunbath.

Third one is most important one, he was following the suit of people who are busy in collecting shiny stones around the shore. They have nothing to do in life. Just having one purpose, collect as much stones as possible and sell them with high price at market place. Earn steep profits, build great homes with it. But remain most of the time at shore, just go to sleep at that wealthy home for sleeping. Sometime he wonder, either I build this mansion for myself or for the servants who are living in my home all day.


This are the three type of people in the world,
One is busy in paralysis of analysis. He always analyse what others are doing in their life and what according to him is correct thing to do.
Second category is known as Mediocrity. Never argue or try to find reason about any decision they take. They just follow the status quo and social norm for everything they are meant to do. They have no guts to calibrate outside that boundary even for once in his lifetime. They are just conductor in their own bus called life.
Third one are the real human being. They are utilising their ability to think and act upon freedom of choice. They are having guts to make decision based on what they feel is right even if its against the all established norms. They don’t care what is lucrative or easy thing to do. They are the adventurer, innovators and creators of the new possibilities. They are the soldiers of unknown. Those are the people who is force of nature, which always seek to bring change into world.

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