Unstructured Poetry

In the chaotic and hectic life,
Struggling for Inner Stability.

Inner serenity which unlocks
Zeal of creativity effortlessly.

People all around running pointlessly,
Gazing on different objects as if its their only destiny.

Waving through life unconsciously,
Following their lower self proudly.

Conditioning is their filter,
None of them are aware about it.

As soon as they have the possession of what they seek,
It loose intensity from seeker.

Flawlessly draining their energy
On a pleasures of Number.

In a daytime, they see themselves as emperor of their life,
At the end of the day, Natural self of them reveal the Truth.

They can cheat their intellect with conditioning,
They can’t deceive their higher self with their assumptions.

Their problem is not unfulfillment of life,
But their approach of pretending fulfilment.

Life is not throwing agony on them,
They invite it with their own frustration.

Most of them know they are not doing it right with life,
But they are not having courage to raise up from rat race.

Its not justified to blame system all the time,
One has to take courage to break the bondage and librate himself.

A breathing in liberty is worth more than,
Succumbing themselves behind shine of objects.

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