Conversation with Camera.

Camera is very innovative tool invented by science and technology. It can capture the most beautiful moments of our life to keep it with us for rest of our life. We can cherish those moments later on due to those photographs.

It can store the astonishing views of nature. It can create a timeline of our entire life with every passing year. We can clone the experience we have had in the magical surroundings, mountain views, lake views, flying birds beauty, majesty of sea waves, everything.

But sometime I just take time to pause and communicate with this innate element. How does it feels for itself, what are its thoughts for itself. And out of curiosity and imagination one day I feel camera is talking to me and willing to revels its own thoughts.

This is what he share with me during the invisible conversation without words.

Its true that man has invented me through science. Without man I will never be on this earth. I am so grateful to be here with this life sustaining planet and its beautiful creations. I am so happy with all the capacities I am endowed with. Capturing any moments at anytime. But sometimes I takes time to observe human beings. I after years of my invention, I came to realise that there is more than just physical life on earth which humans are capable to feel and explore but I can’t. I can take picture of that physical existence. I can take pictures of human body but nor their thoughts or their feelings.

I can capture stunning pictures of birds. But I can’t capture their symphony of chirping. I can’t capture their language of communication.

I can capture the beauty of nature. But I can’t capture the energy field of nature, which keeps every life on planet vibrant all the time.

I can capture frames of people in love. But it can’t capture the vibrancy of love between them which makes the whole frame beautiful.

Though science is very advancing in its own exploration. I would love to be able to capture those non-physical entities of life. So that I can feel the vibrancy of life as human beings.

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 12.12.34 PM

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