Life teach important lesson through small events.

Life teach us important lesson through small events, all we have to do is just to be aware and conscious to decode it.

Yesterday, I had conversation with one of my friend. It was just a casual talks about life just like all other conversation. We were sharing likes and dislikes or topics of common interests. Meanwhile I just asked,
Do you like traveling?
And the reply I received literally amazed me.
Here’s the answer letter to letter,
“I like traveling but it depends on CWC”

I was also felt curious about this CWC acronym as you did.

It goes like this:
Company, Weather, Convenience.

Later on she reveals that it’s just come spontaneously it’s not planned answer. She just gave it casually.

But my mind flourished with the answer. When it comes to traveling, those three aspects are the fundamentals of happy journey.

First is company,
What does a journey mean if we lack this fundamental thing. We can have better place to visit in the world but it doesn’t make our heart sing if we are with people we don’t truly love. What is the meaning of the journey is there are worst of people surrounds us in best places in the world. You may have thrill and excitement to explore the best place in the city you are in, but the people around you have pathetic and dull behaviour towards everything. It will diminish all the  excitement we hold.

For example,
Just imagine you have best of sport instruments and worst of team.
What would be the game on the field?

Second is Weather,
You are on the trip of one of the best and beautiful cities in the world. But as soon as you reached at the destination, you take a shower in hotel room. You opens up windows and came to know about the worst weather conditions. Your next step would be predictable, you pick up your smartphone and ask virtual Assistant about weather. It shows the bad weather conditions for the rest of the trip. You watched news about traffic conditions in the city.
What would be the meaning of your presence there. Just locked in hotel room in best cities in the world. This seems so frustrating for reading too.

For Example, What would be the value of everything if there is rain on any outdoor sport event?

Last is Convince
Third and most important element is convenience.
Convenience in sense of requirement not in terms of luxury. Meaning not having access to basic requirements. Like water crisis, lack of electricity, poor transportation facilities, awful road conditions, poor infrastructure for medical emergency.
Even if having all the required instruments and good weather condition. We are going to suffer in our entire journey.
Because physiological aspects are the basic requirement for human happiness. Without it, all the definition of happiness becomes lame.

For example,
On a match day, The cloths you wear is uncomfortable to you, would you able to give your whole concentrate on your game performance ?


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