Grateful for Being Alive.

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.
-Marcus Aurelius.
As soon as I read this quote today morning, It reminds me two story. I am writing those stories in brief here.
Once upon a time there was an emperor who have conquer every possible kingdom in his territory. But he wasn’t satisfied with it. He decided to invade the last kingdom which is left in his territory. That kingdom was besides the vast desert, so the war was being held on desert. He was having greatest forces on his side. During the war, he reach to the unknown place of desert. He find no one around him. Wherever he look around it was just sand of desert. He felt so thirsty due to continuous fight in war. He wander all around for a while and somewhere in the corner he found a fakir sitting there outside of his small hut.
He immediately went there and requested him to offer glass of water.
Fakir laughs at him and said, I never offer anything for free in my life. Everything has its own price to pay for. What would you pay for glass of water?
King want to roar with his superiority but he was so thirsty. he said I am so desperate for drinking water. If you don’t offer me water within 10 min, I would die here without any doubt. For god’s sake give me water, I would give you half of my kingdom for it.
Fakir think for a while and replied. I don’t take anything half. if you want glass of water you have to handover me entire of your kingdom. What so ever you have conquered till date.
King astonished for a while, But then he realise that, If I won’t fulfil his hard condition. I won’t be able to remain alive on this earth. So he agreed to offer entire kingdom of him to have water to drink.
Fakir laughed so loudly this time. And asked him simple question.
You waste all your lifetime to conquer many kingdom and you have killed too many lives for it. And for what ? Just for glass of water ?
How foolish you are. Just think about it.
What is the Value of Life ?
You are agreed to offer everything you have when you find your life at sake. Just realise the fact that how many life you have perished for the sake of something which is not worthy that glass of water.
Moral: To be alive is most precious thing than any material gain.
Second story is about Gratitude.
There were two friend studying in the same class. One day one of the boy was absent in the class. His friend inquire for it and he came to know that his friend is admitted in hospital last night.
He went there after the school and asked about the matter.
The friend on hospital bed showed his right thumb. And said, there is not a major illness. Last night I find this thumb numbed. I can’t move it.
Okay I understood the problem. What is the solution for it?
A major operation is required for this minor defect in my hand. And operation cost is 200000 dollars.
His friend have electric shock in his mind for fraction of second.
He thought, if working thumb is worth of 200000. There are thousands of functions in my body which is working efficiently as soon as I wake up. and I don’t have to care about it. Nature take care of it everyday.
Little tear drop fell down from his eyes. Its not of tear of pain but tear of immense gratitude towards the force who take care of countless aspects of his life.
Moral: Be grateful for your body and health.

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