Principle of Association

Most people are trying to do same things that were already been done by most people twenty years ago.
And at the end of the day, Both groups are sitting together having same complaints and seeking sympathy.
I was watching youtube video the other day. That video was of Gary Vaynerchuk. During his keynote and question answer session, Someone ask him to advice her daughter who was about to enter college to study marketing. I was so impressed the way he replied the question.
He said,
Take a last 4 year vacation of your life.There is no equivalent university or college on the planet that is even remotely equipped to educate you properly on communication and marketing in the world we are live in today. Spent lot of time online and consume relevant 2017 content from people who are actually doing it. Instead of professors that are not so practical and so romantic about how it used to be. I have travelled the best universities in the world and I have literally thrown up all over myself while I have been propped to talk listening to the whore shit that those professors are showing down this kids throats.
After contemplation on that advice I came to realise truth we all are facing all day. We all are surrounded with people who have complains and blames for others. Not realising that buying shit from society and making life decision based on that crap have lead us to the life we are living today.
We all want a better life, but as everything in this life has its cost (not price), Better life also have some cost to pay. First cost is to buy right understanding to make Right Decisions. We are making decision based on 1990’s advices and techniques then wondering why the hell nothing going to happen even if I worked so hard.
Its just like using 1990’s typewriters and wondering why the hell its not spell correcting and having voice command input as my MacBook have. It seems like dumb shit, right.
Just hook up yourself to the reality and stop buying the cheap blame game and drop the race of being best complainer on the table to have sympathy over your sludge life situation. Because, No matter how convincing your sympathetic story is, the truth is. “Nobody is Listening”. Those who are listening are just pretend to listening. If they were really listening empathetically to you, your problems might have been solved by their advice. But it didn’t.

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