I am Slow Thinker

Though i have read hundreds of books in my life, When someone say something or ask something to me, i don’t have any interesting thing to add into conversation.

Its very binary and banal kind of response i have in verbal communication.

I am boring kind of person for those who want to debate or attack any idea or concept. Most of my response in those conversation is like, “Yeah, It should be the way you think”.

It looks utterly stupid to anyone because my response in verbal communication is as common as those who are not fond of reading at all.

There is a notion which says, First impression is the last impression. I don’t agree in it.

Because our first reaction comes from External Influence or Evolutionary Impulses in form of biology and psychology. It’s hard for people to digest when people like me don’t give proper response to their ideas and concepts in real time. I might look stupid at times.

But that’s fairly okay to me. Because my life is not dependent on someone else’s perception. I don’t need to play any image protection game at all.

So my natural way of being is to take inputs and signals from real world conversation with people around me and then think very deep on it in solitude. In heat of moment, my mind don’t comprehend all possible variables and details. Once i reach to any meaningful and substantial understanding of anything, then only i gave proper response.

That’s how it is,

I can’t give highest value answer spontaneously.

Giving highest value answer is more important to me than looking smart in public eye.

The way I have trained my mind through reading is, it requires time to consider all elements put together about any situation.

Those who know me personally will be able to relate with it. I am completely different person to people with whom i communicate through writing. My mind work differently when i am writing and when i am talking. The better and deeper version of me is available via email and chat.

In verbal communication i am surfer, in written communication i am deep sea diver.

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