Clarity, Peace and Freedom is new luxury.

Fundamentally, Luxury means, things which are rare to have or uncommon to have. Only few possess and vast majority want to have it.

In modern world we are living in, Peace, Clarity and Freedom is something we all are knowingly or unknowingly striving for.

The real currency in life nowadays is Energy. To consciously use it in meaningful and enhanced way, one need clarity of mind, peace from unnecessary social obligations and freedom to choose.

Due to advancement of science and technology, mankind is living in abundance compare to past centuries. Today, the common man in the first world country is far more richer and well equipped than emperors of 18th century. They didn’t have powerful devices on their disposal, nor they have the luxury to sleep in air conditioning room. They can’t communicate with anyone far with lighting fast speed. They can’t fly in the air with airplanes. They can’t enjoy the television or other entertainment. They can’t even taste the cuisine of other country in their lifetimes. All of this is easily accessible to the common people in this era.

But at the same time, There is some tradeoffs which becomes new luxury. In a blind quest for external advancement, mankind has lost some of its most important innate virtues along the way. In that regards the tables have been turned around. Nowadays internal state of mind is very very important.

Before the Industrial Age, Mankind was living in an era of Scarcity. When the world around us is of scarcity, it’s natural phenomenon to consider the external abundance as a Luxury to strive for. But the reverse of this also feels very convincing. In Information Age, mankind is living in the world of external abundance. So its natural phenomenon that internal scarcity becomes the mainstream concern. And fixing those internal scarcity will automatically put us in an upper echelon of human existence.

I tried to make list to differentiate luxury into two category. you can make your own as per your preference.

Old Luxury

Prime Position in career,
Having Mansion to Live,
Rolex to wear,
Luxurious Car to drive,
Names on Land Documents,
Business Class Travel,
Lofty Bank balance.

New Luxury

Perfect Health,
Freedom of Being,
Inner fulfilment,
Creative Expression,
Skills to Automate Income,
Being able to Do What you Love,
Ability to adopt change,
Ability to Learn effectively,
Live in Natural Surrounding,
Not to sit in traffic,
No addiction,
No clock cycle of 9-5.

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