What is Happiness?

Note: I don't claim this as my writings. Sometimes i went into some unknown zone where words like this just flows. Mostly after touching deep state of mediation. I just pick up the phone and note it down. There is no editing work done afterwards.

All of us experience some moments of certain heights where you just forgot yourself. You are detached from your identities. For fraction of moments you become silent, you become just one with the moment. That’s the real moments of happiness.

It mostly happens when you watch a lake, waterfalls, an open sky from the mountain top. You watch birds chirping and playing around with no reasons. This moments of close nature makes you drop your desires, ambitions, expectations of any kind for a while. You become one with those flowers, birds and water flow etc. that moment of oneness is very subtle to explain, it can just be experienced.

If that kind of oneness become steady within you, your whole existence become spiritual. Whatever you do, there will be beauty of awareness in it. You won’t do it under certain agendas defined by your desires and expectations. You just do it for the sake of expressing the fullness you are experiencing within. Just like a flower, which don’t need any expectations or plan to radiate its fragrance. Its just a basic nature of a flower.

Whole work of spiritual practices is to steady that internal dichotomy and dilemma which are just play of memory, ego, intellect and mind. Once all of them get in turned in it’s most harmonious and natural way, Your entire life and entire existence will shape into different dimension.

You will do everything a normal people do. But the difference will be, You won’t do it to get something out of it. You will do it to share something you have earned & blossomed within you.

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